Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Xmas Lush Haul!

I picked up the following things in Lush:

Rose Jam Bubbleroon - I've wanted to try this one for a while - ooh its amazing, smells gorgeous.  Says to crumble under a running hot tap to create lots of bubbles.  I'd not tried a bubbleroon before so's wasn't too sure how much to use - used about half of of one side for a bath - is this right?

I stocked up on two Magic Wand as I love it soooo much!

Snowcake  soap was also on my want list - I had seen loads of reviews and it smells amazing of cake and marzipan - yum.  It's a pretty large piece so should last a while.

I also picked up a small piece of candy cane soap which smells of peppermint and sweet cherries - so yummy its making my mouth water.

Finally, Dragon's Egg bath bomb.  Read about and saw amazing pictures of this on The Beauty Belle's blog and I just had to have - still to try though!

I also got a sample sized piece of Angel's Delight soap which smells of Opal Fruits.

Oh I do love Lush! x


  1. OHHH don't you just LOVE Lush at xmas time! :D

  2. ooh snowcake is so yummy and you will love dragons egg its one of my favourite bath bombs x

  3. Ahhh I love snowfairly so really want to try the magic wand!.

  4. I love lush too! Specially at Xmas, I connect the shop with this period of the year!

    I agree with the other Nicole, candy cane soap sounds great :D

  5. @Shopuntilyoudrop, ooh I know love it! x

    @Nicole, it just smells amazing x

    @Kelly, I can't wait to try dragons egg! x

    @x-Makeup-Meoww-x, I've not tried snow fairy, yet... x

    @Nicole, mmm its great, apart from the queues at the till! It smells so good x

  6. Fab Lush haul! I could spend a fortune in that shop (and often do!) x

  7. @Evelyn, I was pleased with it! Am addicted to Lush x

  8. Yep you do love Lush hahaah

    I got the Dragon's egg for my mom for Xmas! I think she's gonna love it!
    It's pretty amazing what it does and also funny isn't it?

    I fell in love with Lush too and want to buy the whole shop now hhahaa xxx

  9. Lovely picks this makes me want to go to my local lush store =)

  10. @Livia, am addicted ;)
    Can't wait to try Dragon's egg! xx

    @Hunter87, Lush rocks! Go shop! xxx

  11. I love the magic wand and the dragon egg :) my two all time favourite lush products Xx