Sunday, 27 November 2011

Allure Beauty Magazine

I picked up the American magazine Allure on Thursday (November issue).  Mainly out of curiosity.  I've read other blogs which rave about/slate this magazine and I decided I'd like a look.  There is an International newsagent near my work which stocks a lot of foreign titles.

I was especially taken with Juicy Couture Lip Glosses - in Brut, Rose and Kir Royale.  Kir Royale is a berry tint  - enhances natural lip colour, adds shine and tastes of raspberry liqueur! 

I also fancy the Malin+Goetz Absolute Rose Candle - created for Allure's 20th Anniversary which combines Moroccan Rose with green ivy, Anjou pear, bamboo and musk.

Also found it interesting to look at other American products we can't get here and products which are the same as we get although packaged differently.  

It also includes fashion, footwear, beauty articles and an article on personal trainers (and even more advertising than our magazines).

I'll probably get the December issue when its available here. Retails at £4.40.  Has anyone else read the magazine? x


  1. Women in Brazil are crazy about this mag!
    They always say it's the best one even been so expensive over there!
    I particularly have never read it hahaha..
    But I think it's a good one as the beauty editor of brazilian vogue loves it too
    Btw it's so cheap here, lucky us =)

  2. Owww wouldn't mind buying that to have a read if I see it in a shop near me would be so interesting :) Xx

  3. @Livia, I thought it was quite expensive! lol x

    @Claire Louise, it is interesting though I'm not sure I'll get it every month. I really want that juicy couture lipgloss though! x

  4. I don't tend to pick up mainstream beauty mags that often but I do like looking at the foreign ones and seeing what different products they have to us etc x

  5. @Evelyn, I agree its nice to look at different products we can't get here (or not yet) x