Saturday, 26 November 2011

Boudoir Prive - November

The postman woke me at 7.15am with a lovely surprise my Boudoir Prive box! It's fab-u-lous!

Look at the goodies!

First up, STUDIOMAKEUP Rich Hydrating Lipstick in "really red".  A really wearable colour - I'll swatch it later.  This is a full size product which retails at £12.95.  The packaging is really ingenious - you need to click the bottom of the case and then just pull to get the lipstick out.  Love it.

Two Vinies Ayureveda's Soul Luminous Skin Mask - each 15g.  Full size of 40g retails at £32.85.  It's brown (like mud) with a earthy smell.  Never heard of this brand so looking forward to trying out.  It's been featured on and Boudoir Prive says "the gentle exfoliants and natural skin brighteners will even skin tone and keep your skin glowing throughout the day".  It's also gentle enough to use daily.

Korres Wild Rose 24 hour Moisturiser 10ml.  Full size is 40ml which retails at £19.  I love Korres products so keen to try this.  Boudoir Prive says "A 24-hour moisturising and brightening cream.  Wild rose oil is a natural source of vitamin C and helps repair fine lines and uneven skin tone".

Two double sachets, both 10ml of Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and conditioner, safe for colour treated hair.  Never tried this brand but know its expensive so keen to try out.  Boudoir Prive says "Create thick, glossy and bouncy hair with this 100% natural voluminous shampoo and conditioner.  The lemongrass and green tea remove excess oils while jojoba adds moisture and nourishment".

I like how you are given two double sachets as this is enough product to find out whether you love or hate.  Presented in a cute little green drawstring bag.  Shampoo retails at £27 for 275ml and the conditioner £28.50 for 275ml.

Finally, a Dead Sea Magik Silky Smooth Body Lotion 50ml.  Full size of 350ml retails at £7.70.  It seems a nice lotion with a gentle scent.

Thank you Boudoir Prive, I am thrilled with my box! x


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  2. I have just tried the mask and it feels and smells lovely on but the colour leaves a lot to be desired Lol! It feels tightening on the skin as it dries so you won't forget it's on. Afterwards your skin feels really clean and is really glowing (well actually my skin was and is quite red now and very warm probably to do with the ingredients pumping the blood to the fore?) If you want to put this on and then take it off and go straight out just be aware your skin could well be quite red afterwards and will prob take half an hour to calm down (it's 20 mins since i've taken it off and my skin is still quite red but not nearly as much so prob another 15-20 mins and my skin will possibly be just a radiant healthy colour)but must admit my skin feels very soft and am quite impressed! Reading up about this product it is good for all types of skin from ageing to oily! Which is great and also if you have any blemishes helps them also! So it seems like quite a good all-rounder mask xxx

  3. I really want to subscribe to Boudior Prive, as Glossybox looks pretty bad at the moment!

  4. @Anonymous, thanks for the tips regarding the mask! It sounds really nice and I can't wait to try x

    @Dolly Daydream, loved the box this month. Thought glossybox was ok this month but not as good as it has been. Feel Unique box is really good too x

  5. I'm so jealous of the lippie shade you got - I got "shimmering sands" which really will not work for my skin tone! x x

  6. @Sian, awwh, its really gorgeous, you could try beauty box swaps on facebook for a colour swap x

  7. Natasha BainNovember 26, 2011

    Your welcome Beauty Balm. I accidentally done it as anonymous instead of typing my name in as Natasha (I joined your blog this morning)! Lol! It seems a lot of people have had the redness that I got and as I said on the BP wall I would say if you are going out anywhere within a couple of hours DON'T USE the mask if it's your 1st time of trying it! Luckily I wasn't going out till 1pm this afternoon! Lol! But after the hour my skin went down to it's normal colour and the warm/hot feeling went and it left my skin feeling smooth with a glow to it! I got the shimmering sand lipstick also which TBH isn't any good for me but my mum got really red which looks like a really rich bright red but when on (she gave it to me this afternoon! Lol) it is a lovely lighter pinky red (I tried it on my hand first! Lol) and then put it on and it's a lovely light corally/pinky red which is totally different to the colour it looks without being used/swatched! So i'm thankful to my mum! Lol! I might swap the Shimmering sands OR blend that with other lipsticks (and the one my mum gave me) using a brush when putting on? The shimmering sands is a nude colour with a gold undertone so good if people like nude lips? But me being fair/medium skin alone it would make me look like my lips had disappeared! By the way if I accidentally do anonymous again (blonde day today me thinks and not my normal colour of Strawberry blonde so being on the ball) It's Natasha Bain (the one who wrote the first comment and warned people on BP's wall about the redness/warmth of the mask with the curly strawberry blonde hair) LMAO xxx

  8. @Natasha, thank for following - I really do appreciate it :) I am not usually a red lipstick girl but I love it! I thought the shimmering sands looked a good colour too. Yes, I read your post on facebook - very informative I thought :) I'll let you know how I get on with the mask (might try it after x-factor!) x

  9. I'm also loving this box - I just tried the face mask and it's really good. I didn't experience any burning like other people, luckily.

  10. @Alex, its a good box isn't it. I am pleased with it (and can use everything). Ooh I am hoping it doesn't burn with me too! x

  11. @Alex and @Natasha, tried the mask, no burning, its a bit weird how it goes tight on your skin when its on, but I think I like it x

  12. That;s not faaaaaaair!!!
    You got to skin masks I got none =((((
    gonna complain with the company!

    Lucky you hahaha


  13. I got the same as you in my box :) the lipstick is such a nice colour! I havn't tried the skin mask yet Xx

  14. @Livia, you'll have to email them to complain! x

    @Claire Louise, I am loving the lipstick too. The mask is quite nice (apart from look and smell). It does leave the skin glowing! x