Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Glossybox - November

Picked up my Glossybox yesterday.  I am generally pleased with it.  Only thing I won't use is the nail wraps.  

Glossybox says "The Christmas Gift Guide:Part 1.  Five products to try before you buy whether for yourself or others".

What I got:

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps (red with a black lace effect)

40ml Tube Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - a pre-shampoo treatment - brilliant product, used before, gives hair amazing shine and depletes frizz.

25ml Dead Sea Spa Magik Delicate Boosting Mask for dry/sensitive skin

15ml Arbonne Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme 

1.5ml Freak EDP by Illamasqua

My verdict:

I am pleased with the box.  Only product I won't use are the nail wraps - but I can pass these on.

I am always on the look out for hand creams and pleased to try the Freak EDP - I don't always find it easy to get free perfume samples from beauty counters.

I am pleased to try this one it's really nice (not as strong smelling as you'd think considering it contains notes of Black Davana, Opium Flower, Poison Hemlock and Frankincense to name a few) and I'd definitely think of buying especially with 20% off.  I'd used the Elasticizer before - fab product and always pleased to try a new face mask. x


  1. I received the exact same products. Of course there was a bit of a Glossygirls outcry on the FB page regarding the perfume sample. Alas, I actually like this one, and too, would consider buying it. It's not overpowering.
    The hand cream.. sad to say I don't like it, and I'm a sucker for hand creams!
    The smell reminds me of Cowshed Orange and Peppermind hand cream. Too sickly for my tastes.

  2. I hope, here in Italy, the won't send any parfume samples: it's unfair because everyone can get them free!
    Btw, I'm curious about the dead sea mask! :)

    I just reviewed the first italian glossybox if you are interested! ;)
    I was completely satisfied, great products!

  3. @NailsandNonsense, I saw the outcry on FB. I've not actually tried the hand cream yet but quite liked the cowshed one. Be interesting to see what Glossbox give us in December x

    @Nicole, I'll let you know how I get on with the mask and I'll check your Italian glossybox post too x

  4. My glossy box came with some different products!
    And my nail wraps is black and white so I will probably use it =) hahaha


  5. I got the same nail wraps as you. So jealous of your handcream + hair treatment, I've been wanting to try elasticizer.

    Glossybox obviously havent tailored the boxes as they said they have, wish they would sent everyone the same products.

  6. @Livia, glad you can use your nail wraps! x

    @Been There, Done That, Got The Lipstick, Glossybox should really give everyone the same as otherwise people get upset. I like how FU give everyone the same - only giving a different colour eyeshadow etc. x

  7. Wish I got the the PK Elasticizer, looks very good! I got the leopard print nail wraps, I love them but my nails are too small. Thanks for following my blog, just having a browse through yours, looks fab!x :)

  8. @MissRoc&BabyRoc, the elasticizer is a great product. I'm enjoying reading your blog :) x

  9. Mine's waiting at the post office - grrr, our new postie hasn't realised that we have a parcel safe - there are several items I now have to pick up! I can't wait to see what I've got - hopefully the Elasticizer! x

  10. @TheBristolBeautyBlog, mega grrr! I read on a blog or on Facebook that there were 10! variations with Glossybox this month! Fingers crossed you've got the Elasticizer! x

  11. I got the same things as you in my box love the box this month and can't wait to try out the nail warps because I haven't used anything like them before :) Xx

  12. @Claire Louise, will be interested on your thoughts on the nail wraps. I'm also loving the Freak perfume. (and tempted by the 20% off code) x