Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Dook Luxury Handmade Salt Soap

I've had the real pleasure of discovering gorgeous dook luxury handmade soap. I spotted it in a local shop (closed at the time grr) and went straight home and onto the website. Helen, who lives not far from me creates the most glorious hand poured and handcrafted salt soaps which are free from parabens and palm oil, are cruelty free and vegan.

I picked the one which most appealed to me online (and of course I want to try them all now!) Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosemary & Cedar (120g - £8) is an aromatic delight - fruity, herbal and woodsy, the scent of which really lingers on the skin after washing. The soaps are wrapped in recyclable paper and card which is fully biodegradeable (and very stylish).

WOW what a stunning soap!

The larger salt grains give the soaps an artisan boutique-y feel and I think they wouldn't be out of place in shops like Harvey Nichols, SpaceNK or Content Beauty & Wellbeing. Formulated in small batches using organic ingredients, essential oils and natural colours. Each batch is mixed and poured by hand with love and attention to detail. Himalayan Salt is added to the formulation which gives the soaps a scrubby feel, beautiful colour, texture and helps create a long lasting firm bar.

Ingredients include Himalayan Salt - 50% of it's weight and which will detoxify, exfoliate and rejuvenate. Organic Coconut Oil gives the soap it's wonderful lotion-like lather while Raw Organic Shea Butter nourishes and feeds the skin while French Green Clay removes impurities. 

The soap is an absolute delight, it gives a rich and creamy lather, has a glorious scent and is a pleasure to use. Have you tried Dook Luxury Handmade Salt Soaps yet? Pick yours up HERE (and if you live locally you can go and pick up your order and enjoy a chat with Helen! Or alternatively, postage is free for orders of £20+).

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