Thursday, 20 December 2018

Blog Tour: Attend by West Camel

Today I'm on the blog tour for the rather wonderful Attend by West Camel*.

When Sam falls in love with Deptford thug Derek, and Anne’s best friend Kathleen takes her own life, they discover they are linked not just by a world of drugs and revenge; they also share the friendship of the uncanny and enigmatic Deborah. Seamstress, sailor, storyteller and self-proclaimed centenarian immortal, Deborah slowly reveals to Anne and Sam her improbable, fantastical life, a history of hidden Deptford and ultimately the solution to their crises.

My thoughts?

This is an exquisitely written debut novel which has stayed long with me after I turned that very last page. When I wasn't reading it I was thinking about it which is always, for me the sign of a great read.

The story centres around 3 main characters - Deborah, a seamstress who seems to have lived forever and has many stories to tell, recovering ex-drug addict, Anne and Sam, a young gay man.

Their stories are interwoven if not only by circumstance, by those they know. Deborah is delighted both Anne and Sam can see her and Anne's happy to have a friend who sees her goodness. She's rebuilding her life and those nearest to her - her daughter and mother are not so forgiving. Sam has by chance met a new man, thug Derek who he's fallen head over heels for but something about him makes him want to take things slow...

Life is not easy for all three characters and when a former friend of Anne's asks her to do something she's not comfortable with she sticks to what she believes in. Her controlling ex-husband reappears on the scene and I like how she stands up for herself and takes control of her thoughts, feelings and life even though it scares her.

A brilliant novel displaying the rich tapestry of life. Would highly recommend it.

*complimentary e-copy sent for review

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