Monday, 16 April 2018

Georganics: Natural Toothpowder, Mouthwash Tablets & Natural Floss

I came across Georganics on Instagram though on closer inspection realised I follow them on Twitter! The oral range is handmade with no synthetic chemicals or preservatives, 100% natural, sustainable, zero waste and PETA cruelty-free. The range is totally plastic free with all packaging recyclable or reuseable. The range is handcrafted in West Sussex and ingredients and packaging are sourced locally.

I picked up:

Bicarbonate Tooth Powder in Spearmint (£6.90 for 60ml) there is no getting away from the bicarb taste but the tooth powder has a light mint flavour. It's a blend of pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate and magnesium carbonate which will brighten and polish away plaque and stains. It's recommended to use once or twice a week. 

To use: dip wet brush into the powder, brush then rinse

I've been enjoying using the powder (this size pot will also last for ages making it great value) and have noticed a definite brightness.

Mouthwash Tablets in Wild Thyme (180 tablets £8.90) which reminds me of the mouth rinse at the dentists! These tablets are great for travel or everyday use. Formulated with sodium bicarbonate the mouthwash helps maintain good oral health and freshens the breath.

To use: place 1-2 tablets in half a glass of water, allow to dissolve, gargle for 30 seconds and spit out

These are great! I packed them for my recent trip to Jersey.

The final item I picked up is Natural Dental Floss in Cardamon Silk (£4.90) which comes in a reusable glass container (love this). Also love that you can pick up refills so there is absolutely no waste! The floss is made with silk floss, candelilla wax and cardamon essential oil.

To use: pull out 30cm of floss and floss between each tooth.

I've been really impressed with the range - next I'll be trying Natural ToothpasteOil Pulling Mouthwash and Natural Toothsoap

Have you used any Georganics products?

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