Thursday, 5 April 2018

Budget Beauty: Lotta Skincare - Botanical Beauty Balm

I first discovered purse friendly Lotta Skincare on Instagram. Charlotte, founder and formulator spent many years researching and creating her range before launching Lotta Skincare, which you can buy on Etsy.

Botanical Beauty Balm (£5.95 - 50g) is stylishly packaged and the pot is recyclable. The Beauty Balm such great value for money and super effective.

Formulated with beeswax, macadamia, sweet almond, coconut and sunflower oils along with Vitamin E, clove bud, lavendin, tea tree and geranium essential oils.

To use: use as a cleansing balm, a skin nourisher, for cellulite, on cuticles, hands, feet and flyaways. It really is multi-use.

The Botanical Beauty Balm has a warming clove scent (luckily for me I don't smell the tea tree!)

At the same time I picked up Soothing Mineral Bath Soak which cleverly has the rose buds at the top of the soak so you can choose whether you use them or not.

What's your favourite product from Lotta Skincare?


  1. I was just thinking earlier I wanted to have a browse through Etsy for natural beauty brands. This sounds lovely, especially the bath soak!

    The ecoLogical

  2. I saw Lotta a few weeks ago and contacted the owner to ask about the organic nature of the products. The balm looks gorgeous and what a great price, but I wish it was vegan as I'm trying my hardest to use vegan products. I really don't think beeswax is so essential to products!

    1. Aww that's a shame. Sure you'll be able to find something similar.