Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Books

I've read six books this month - 

The Illusionists by Rosie Thomas - the story is set in Victorian London in 1870. Eliza who is modern before her time is keen to have a career rather than marrying and settling down. She has some money of her own and works part time as an artist's model.  She meets Devil Wix, born showman and illusionist whose dream is to run his own theatre which he does.  His star act and sometimes friend is Carlo Bonomi, a bad tempered dwarf with a huge talent for illusion and magic.

Jasper Button, an artist in a wax museum is in love with Eliza but she only has eyes for Devil.  Heinrich Bayer makes up the unlikely friendship.  He is social awkward and strange.  The book is unlike any of Rosie Thomas's previous ones but had me hooked from the very first page. 

Mrs Sinclairs Suitcase by Louise Walters* - the book weaves between the story of Roberta, a solitary woman who works in a bookshop which sells old and new books. She loves collecting postcards and letters she finds in the second hand ones.

Her dad gives her a suitcase which belonged to her gran (who is aged over 100) and in it she finds a letter to her grandmother from the grandfather she never knew and its contents puzzle her.

Dorothy is making a life for herself after her husband goes missing during WWII. She forms a friendship of sorts with the Land Army girls who billet with her.  She meets Squadron Leader Jan Pietrykowski and forms a deep friendship with him but fate has other plans..... A story of friendships, love, loss and missed chances. I loved it.

Falling by Emma Kavanagh - There is a plane crash with few survivors and a murder.  The story is told by four different people and is full of twists and turns. A book I couldn't put down. Jim is a retired Police Officer whose daughter has disappeared and he knows something is seriously wrong, Tom's wife Cecilia is an Air Hostess who was on the plane and was planning to leave Tom and their son Ben and Freya has lost her dad and is finding it difficult to cope.  A real page turner.

Night Music by Jojo Moyes - I received this for my birthday from Jo at Beauty and the Books - thanks Jo!  A real easy read which I couldn't put down.

It follows the story of Isabel Delancey and her two children. Her husband dies suddenly and leaves her with a mountain of debt and they are forced to live in the country at the 'Spanish House' which is a bit of a wreck. Isabel could sell her prize possession to help the situation but is keen to hold onto it.  A handyman neighbour helps out with the renovations but he has an ulterior motive.  There is lots of drama, friendship and some romance. A great read.

My fifth read this month is The Railway Man by Eric Lomax. A fascinating but harrowing account of Eric's time as a POW during the Second World War. He was tortured by the Japanese as well as witnessing horrific atrocity.  The book also tells of his time as a boy in Edinburgh with his love of anything to do with the railway and trains.  Fifty years on he and wife Patti along with assistance from the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, he meets and makes peace with one of his tormentors. An amazing story and man. Can't wait to watch the film.

Finally, a short-read book which I read while having a soak in the bath! Blackout by Emily Barr.  A great read with lots of twists and turns. Sophie wakes up in a strange room in a City she's never been to and has no idea how she got there. She has no purse, passport and is not even wearing her own clothes.  She knows she has a baby but where is he?  The story goes between the past and present and I didn't predict the ending. A great read.

What have you been reading this month?



  1. Thanks for sharing, I am huge book lover myself, and love that you post your reviews of these in addition to your beauty picks. :0)

  2. Another super selection Sandra, I think all of these will be going on my wishlist x

    1. Thanks Annie that's good to hear! Hope you enjoy them x

  3. I'm so pleased you chose Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase, I loved it. SD

  4. I really want to read the railway man too x

  5. Ooh it sounds like we have really similar reading habits, I have added ALL of these to my ever-growing list of books I want to read. Thanks so much for linking up with #BookLove, I hope you'll be back to share next month too (just so I can keep adding to my list!)

    1. Great to hear. Definitely will. I'm always looking for book recommendations. Sure you won't be disappointed with any of these :)

  6. I'm not usually a fan of Jojo Moyes but I did enjoy Night Music - it surprised me! Maybe I should try her others...