Friday, 18 April 2014

Souk Souk April Beauty Box

I re-subscribed to Souk Souk just in time for their 1st Birthday box - doesn't time fly!  This is the only beauty box I'm buying as my spending ban is still on-going (although I have had a couple of spends lately!)

It is a good value but not a hugely exciting box as I've previously used all of the products but two it contains.

Kris D'Amour Intensive Soothing Face Treatment 10ml (£10.60), Kris D'Amour Soothing Body Treatment Butter 10ml (£6.60) and Kris D'Amour Soothing Body Oil 10ml (£9.60) the only one of this trio I haven't tried is the Body Oil. See my thoughts here.

PHB Ethical Beauty Lip Pencil 4g (£9.95) this is from a brand I've not heard of before and is free from parabens and preservatives. I received a nude-brown shade.

Balm Balm Rose Geranium Face Balm 30ml (£6.99) I used this product long before I was a blogger. A nice product which will get used. I like that you can use it as a hot cloth cleanser, a moisturiser, lip balm and on rough skin areas.

The box bonus is a Balm Balm Muslin Cloth (worth a couple of pounds).

Did you get this box? What are your thoughts?


  1. Nice box - I recently received the Balm Balm Face Balm in a beauty box and loved it. I didn’t try it as a hot cloth cleanser so I will try that today! xx

  2. Looks good! I like the sound of the Balm Balm's Balm. That's a confusing name haha x

  3. I thought it was an ok but not overly exciting box! Certainly not what I would call a birthday box! The fact it was barely mentioned in the magazine annoyed me!

    1. yeah I was expecting a bit more being a birthday box but it will get used and great value! x

  4. This looks like a pretty good box! Although I recently signed up for the Saffron Rouge box, I paid $24.99 and received over $80 worth of product!