Sunday, 8 April 2012

Surrender to Chance - Perfume Sampling

Surrender to Chance is a new US based Perfume Sampling Service.

It is run by Patty and Lisa who formerly ran the Perfumed Court with Diane.  Diane is still running the Perfumed Court and Patty and Lisa left to set up Surrender to Chance. I have bought several times from the Perfumed Court.

Its a great way to try perfumes before you buy a bottle - you can see whether your really like a scent before buying full size - sample vials range in size and price from half a ml upwards.  The choice of scents is huge! I am going to get Chanel Beige EDT - one I've been lusting over for a while!

They also have a Facebook page you can check out here.

Until 9th April they are offering 15% off using code honeybadgersaysopen (hey that's tomorrow!)

Another company which offers a sampling service is Les Senteurs which is based in London.  If you go to the shop in person they will give you free samples.  You can read more about the sampling service here.

I have also used Lucky Scent another US based company.  They also offer the sampling service although shipping can be a bit pricey.  They also have some amazing gift sets for sale.

Have you tried the sampling service?

p.s. I've just ordered Chanel Beige 3ml spray (including shipping) cost £8.28.  A bottle costs £100 for 75ml.


  1. I'm not sure if this service would be for me, I can get perfume samples like this for free at my local Sephora. I personally would rather save up and buy a full sized bottle :)