Monday, 16 April 2012

Dinner at The Kitchin

We went or dinner on Saturday night to celebrate our 7th Wedding Anniversary (which is today) - time sure does fly!  We went to The Kitchin which is situated in Leith, Edinburgh.  It was fab!  We also went for the matching wines which really complemented the dishes (thanks mum & dad for the anniversary money!)

We went for the Tasting Menu - copy above. We had no idea what dishes we were getting until they arrived at the table! Highlights were Shellfish Rockpool - with octopus, mussel, shrimp, oyster, scallop, squat lobster and the freshest sweetest crab I have ever tasted.  It was topped with salmon caviar and served with a shellfish consommé.

Pig's Head & Scallop was another fab dish - one which I'd never have picked off a menu.  It consisted of boned and rolled pig's head, served with scallop and crispy ear salad (sounds vile but was delicious!)

The fish course was Hake seared and served with artichoke and carrot with wild garlic.  A simple dish but it was delicious.

Our main was veal sweetbreads with salsify, jerusalem artichoke and endive.  I was a bit scared when this dish was announced but it was really tasty and the sweetbreads melted in the mouth.

Finally to pudding! It was a trio of lemon - glazed lemon tart, lemon macaron and Crème fraîche sorbet.  A perfect light and fruity end to an amazing meal.

Pig's Head & Scallop (sorry for the poor photo I need to get saving for a better camera!)


We finished with espresso and petit fours.

Included was nougat, sea buckthorn macarons (sweet & sour and delicious), chocolate truffle and almond tart.  

One of the highlights of the evening was meeting Tom Kitchin.  He came out to our table and shook our hands and had a chat.

The toilets had Miller Harris citron citron hand wash and lotion - very luxe!

A great dining experience and we were so lucky to meet Tom Kitchin. (I got a bit tongue tied and flustered!)

p.s. we went for a pre-dinner cocktail to Bond No.9.  Hubby had Gin Martini and I had The Witchery - Saffron Gin, mint, lemon, sugar and champagne.  You can see the cocktail list here.


  1. Happy anniversary, looks like you got some great food :) x

  2. Happy Anniversary! It all looks and sounds so good.

    Ali x

  3. I went there for lunch a few years ago, would love to try the tasting menu though! Happy anniversary!

  4. thank you, next time you go you must try the tasting menu x

  5. Happy Anniversary! :)
    the food looks amazing, a real treat... especially the scallops, I love fish and seafood!!!
    I must keep this place in mind... for next year... hehe :)

    1. thank you! the food was absolutely amazing. I'd definitely recommend it for you next year :) x