Sunday 15 April 2012

Just Be Fresh Faced Facial

I went for a Just Be Fresh Faced Facial* on Friday at Blissbody.

Vicki Jeffrey is the Face & Body Therapist at balanced physiotherapy, situated at 1 St Bernard's Row in Edinburgh.  Vicki has a really nice little treatment room off the studio. (I didn't get a photo but will next time).

Vicki is very welcoming and makes you feel totally at ease.  A new client form is filled in and then it is onto the facial.

I was left to get undressed (down to underwear) and then slipped between the covers of the heated bed - ah bliss!  Gentle music, soft lighting and a Just Be Happy Treatment Candle scenting the room with pink grapefruit, lime and bergamot.

The treatment starts with your feet being washed and dried.  My hands were then massaged with warm wax from the treatment candle and then popped into cotton gloves. (my hands were so soft, smooth and moisturised at the end of the treatment).

I was asked to breathe in my oil (Just Be Happy) for feelings of calm and relaxation.  

My eye make up was removed using a new product, Just Be Cleansed, Eye Make up Remover (£15 for 30ml) and then my face was cleansed with Just Be Cleansed, Cleaning Balm (I already use and love this product). The product is removed with a warm cloth.  Skin is then cleansed again using the new Just Be Cleansed, Cleansing Gel (£18.50 for 100ml) and again removed with a warm cloth.  The products are all scented with essential oils and smell amazing.

Skin is then toned with Just be Toned, Refreshing Toner which is scented with oils of basil and chamomile.

Exfoliation follows with Just Be Radiant, Gentle Exfoliator, another new product (£18.50 for 100ml). The exfoliator removed with a warm cloth.

A facial massage follows - one of the best facial massages I've ever had.  Afterwards skin was plumped up and looks so healthy.

A neck and shoulder massage is also incorporated in the facial using Just be Happy oil.

Next up was the mask.  These are for salon use only at the moment.  Both are a mix of kaolin clay and coconut milk powder which are freshly made up for each facial with a hydrating infusion.

Just be Clear Soothing Mask (White) - gentle clay mask to draw out impurities and to rejuvenate and refine skin - ideal for normal, dry, sensitive and mature skins.

Just be Clear Detox Mask (Green) - mineral rich clay which deeply purifies, tones and balances congested or oily skins.

Vicki used the detox mask on my oily T-zone and the soothing mask on my cheeks.  While the mask is drying an arm massage is given.  Mask is removed with warm cloths.

Just be Hydrated Serum is then applied followed by Just be Radiant Treatment Oil.  Finally, Just Be Radiant Restoring Cream which has built in sun protection is applied - this is a new product and is going on my wishlist! (£34.95 for 30ml).

The facial ends with Just be Soft Lip Balm being applied.  It is enriched with Vitamin E and Tea Tree and retails at £9.50 for 7ml.

A great facial, I recommend it! I felt really relaxed afterwards - I must have facials more often!  Vicki also does a range of other facials including - The Ultimate - Natural Face Lift Massage, Non Surgical Facelift Facial, Chocobeauty Anti-Ageing Facial (like the sound of this one!), Crystal Facial as well as Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Mummy to be Massage to name a few.

I left with a Skin Care Prescription, a face map (my problem area was Jaw Line & Chin which corresponds with reproductive organs and colon. I am advised that hormonal or emotional stress can cause breakouts in this area and I should eat plenty of greens and drink lots of water).

Vicki also gave me a mini trial size of Just Be Radiant Treatment Oil.

Vicki can be contacted at by email at and her website details are here.

Just Be online shop can be found here.

I went for a Just Be Anti-Ageing Facial in February and you can read the post here.



  1. Sounds amazing, and really relaxing. I might have to treat myself to something like this after my exams are finished xx

    1. I felt like I was walking on air afterwards! You should, you'd love it x

  2. I love facials and this one sounds fantastic, must book myself one soon

    1. It was really good :) I don't go for treatments often enough! x

  3. That sounds wonderful! Like you, I seldom (try can't remember the last time )go to a salon, and I should.


    1. It was wonderful! I need to make an effort to go to a salon more often! x