Monday, 9 January 2012

Kerastase Shampoo & Conditioner

I always come back to this shampoo and conditioner.  Although its a bit more expensive than some it gives consistent results again and again. It leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy.  You can pick it up at Feel Unique at £12.15 for the shampoo and £15.25 for the conditioner and they last for ages. You can also buy it at hair salons.

I also read an interesting article in this month's Prima magazine.  It's titled "size matters" - its an article about how much product you should be using.

For example, for short and fine hair use 1tsp shampoo and for very thick and/or long hair use 3tsp.  As for conditioner you should use 1tsp for short and fine hair and between 2-4tsp for thick/long hair.  

There are recommendations for how much you should be using for various products - hand cream (pea sized amount during the day and small raspberry size at night), body lotion - approximately 4tbsp, cleanser - 1tsp, face mask - amount equivalent to small apricot.  An interesting article!

p.s. Psychologies Magazine this month has an interesting short article on Beauty Bloggers. x


  1. Sometimes you just have to stick with what you like. This is a good brand. No wonder you like it so much.

  2. @Girlie Blogger, I guess this is true and it does last for ages x

  3. These recommendations are great! Thanks for posting them... Especially the conditioner, I can never get it right and then takes ages to rinse. :(

  4. @Alex, I can send you a copy of the article if you want? I know I always use too much conditioner! x

  5. ...I also used these hair products...very good!!!

  6. @lu beautylove, they are fab aren't they x

  7. Kerastase do amazing hair products!!

    My hair gets so dry and damaged these days must invest in some of this!

    George |

  8. This brand is my ultimate hair care saviour, I use the shampoo, conditioner as well as the mask (green bottle) a great brand. When I don't use Kerastase I tend to use Redken which is also very good. Interesting about how much product we are supposed to use, glad to see that I'm doing things correctly :) x

  9. Love the tips!!!
    Gonna use them =)))

    Kerastase is very famous here in Brazil, although is too expensive people are usually looking for this brand everywhere! ( which is hard to find)
    Personally I've never tried any of their products but I am sure they rock!!!
    One day I will.. just like everything you blog about here hahahaa

  10. This sounds like an interesting article! Link?

  11. i had no idea that there are certain recommended amounts/sizes for different hair types. i always assumed less for short hair and more for long hair. i never took the hair's texture into consideration before. thanks for sharing that info with us! :)

    <3, Mimi

  12. @frecklie, I'd recommend it. It comes in 3 strengths for different hair types and it smells great x

    @Parveen, ooh I've not tried the mask. I like Redken too! x

    @Livia, thank you! I'd recommend the range. You can sometimes buy it in travel size bottles - which is cheaper! x

    @Jayne, I looked for a link but couldn't see one. I could scan it in and email it to you if you give me your email address (or send you a photocopy?) x

    @Mimi, I normally use far too much conditioner! x

  13. I really want to try this! xx ps - I use way to much conditioner by the looks of it!

  14. @Sparkly Flamingo, I really recommend it! me too x