Sunday, 8 January 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Imagine my delight when two amazing bloggers awarded me this on the same day!  

Thanks so much to Diary of an English-Exile and Claire Louise at XxDollyBlossom.  I am so happy that people like reading my blog!  I find that most friends get fed up of listening to me go on about beauty products most of the time so I am in heaven blogging! (and I also like blogging about holidays and other things too).

Here's what you do - Link back to the person that awarded you - Answer the questions - share 7 random facts about yourself - award 10 other bloggers and let them know.

1. What's your favourite song
One - U2/Adele - Rolling in the Deep/This is the Life - Amy Macdonald

2. Your favourite dessert
love Pana cotta/creme brulee

3. What ticks you off
rude or arrogant people

4. When I'm upset I..
eat chocolate

5. Favourite Pet
easy. our dog Bess (enjoying an ice cream here!)

6. Black or White
I wear black a lot, so black

7. Biggest Fear
spiders/creepy crawlies

8. Everyday attitude
laidback, but can get stressed though try not to show it

9. What is perfection
not really sure what to write here!

10. Guilty pleasure
breakfast in bed

You can read my seven random facts here.

10 beautiful bloggers


  1. ...congratulations!!!

  2. @lu beautylove, thank you! x

  3. felicidades por tu premio guapa! besitos

  4. Thanks very much for this award! I will blog about it as soon as xxx

  5. Chocolate is the answer to so many problems!
    I love your dog.

  6. Enjoyed this post, always lovely to learn more about people! xo

  7. @Dram and Makeup, :) thank you, she's an old girl - she was 15 in November x

    @fluff and fripperies, I agree, I love finding out more about fellow bloggers x

    @Audrey, thank you x

  8. oops sorry Drama and Makeup :)

  9. Thank you for the award Doll =)
    Made my day!

  10. Ooooo thankyou :D

  11. Yaaay!!!! you are always so kind!!!
    Thanks a lot for the award!!! really happy about it!!!