Sunday, 15 January 2012

Veggie Growing update 1

I first told you about me growing veggies here.  I thought I'd  give you a quick update.

This is what the ground was like before - very overgrown! 

I was hoping to get to the garden over the Christmas holidays but didn't make it (too much lazing about and sales shopping!)  I went along last Sunday  morning (and will go today too) for a couple of hours.

My plot is the one to the left with the spade in it.  After lots of digging and finding roots like this I needed a long soak in the bath! 


  1. Growing my own veggies and/or herbs is on my 30 before Thirty list!

  2. @Erika, I've only had one season of growing veggies and its highly satisfying! what you grow yourself and then eat tastes amazing! - I'd highly recommend! Even if you grow in a window box you'll have massive satisfaction! :) x

    1. I can imagine it must be a wonderful feeling actually seeing and eating the fruits of your labour! I've got an untamed area in my garden maybe a should have a go too...

  3. Growing is both fun and hard. Good luck! Can't wait to see all the greens.

  4. @Cherry Lane, its amazing, I'd recommend. Ooh you should x

    @Girlie Blogger, thank you! I'll keep you updated x

  5. That's amazing!! You definitely deserved a good soak after all that!
    I hope this season turns out as well as the last :)

  6. @Scarlett, hope so. I needed my long soak in the bath afterwards! x

  7. Your garden looks amazing, would love to do the same! x

  8. @Evelyn, thank you, still long way to go! (there are 12 plots) and we need to do all the pathways too! It's two minutes from my flat so will be so handy for herbs/salad in the summer x