Saturday, 7 January 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

A few weeks ago, Carissa at Vanilla Crush, Natalie at natsbeautybits and Alex at I am a weapon of massive consumption gave me this award.  Thanks girls, I do appreciate it - check out their fab blogs!


You have to thank the person that gave you the award and a link back to their blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself.

Send the award on to 15 other bloggers whose blogs that you appreciate
 then let them know that they have been given the award.

I have already been lucky enough to have been awarded this blog and you can read my seven facts here.

I pass the award onto:

Claire Louise @ XxDollyBlossom
Danielle @ I want the Fairytale
Nicola @ Princesstinks
Ruby @ Wake up, Make up
Lucy @ Limited Lucy
Caroline @ Beauty, Crafts & Life in General
Mel @ Adventures of Mummy, Daddy & Finn
Hannah Rose @ Lippy in London
Becca @ BDP World
Lauren @ A little bit of Lollie
Nardine @ Live..Laugh..Love
Kat @ Cherries in the Snow
Natalie @ The Beauty Stash
Jessica @ EverythingBeautiful
Cat @ Beauty Inside and Outside

Check out their blogs using the links above! x


  1. Omg this is my first award for my blog, thank you so much xx

  2. Hello :)
    ive just noticed your comment on my Panic Attacks post and i was really interested how you mix your own rescue remedy?! Id love to know :)


  3. @Beth, I've sent you an email x

  4. Awww my first award!!! Thanks so much, really appreciated!!!


  5. Congrats on your award, and thanks soooo much for mine. Means a lot :D xxxx

  6. Thank you so much hun, means a lot :) xx

  7. Oh how annoying, I posted when you 'awarded' me, but it didn't post (be I forgot to submit it...)

    ANYway, wanted to say a massive thank you! I wasn't sure about the etiquette of 'giving back' the award, so didn't put you in my 15, even though you are!

  8. you are all very welcome - I love your blogs! x