Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Rook Perfumes: Discovery Set

I love discovering new products, especially new perfumes so was delighted when founder of Rook Perfumes, Nadeem Crowe followed me on Twitter. I instantly went to investigate and purchased the Discovery Set (which includes all the perfumes 1ml x 6 EdP) and costs £9 plus P&P.

Nadeem, is a Medical Doctor by trade, a West End Actor and now can add Perfumer to his bow! He's spent a lot of time researching and experimenting to create and formulate "scents which conjour emotions and memories". The perfumes are created with essential oils, aroma chemicals and perfumers alcohol, reaching perfect harmony seven days after mixing.

He used Kickstarter to obtain funds to send his formulations off to a cosmetic chemist for safety tests and to make sure his creations met all IFRA standards.

The vials are presented in a little brown envelope with "Rook Perfumes Discovery" stamped on it. I've been testing them out over a week and a half and have some firm favourites..

SUEDE (my fav) with a top note of Suede, a heart of Tobacco Leaf and a base of Leather. I love its smokey notes and is unlike anything in my collection. My second favourite is FOREST which is fresh, green and earthy and has notes of Pine, Cypress, Cannabis, Incense, Cedar and White Musk.

Most unusual of the selection is UNDERGROWTH (which smells like real earth!) it's fresh and sparkly with an actual soil note! It opens with Mint and Mandarin, has a heart of Vetiver and Soil Tincture with a base of White Musk. 

AMBER also has a smokey but sweet note and is formulated with a top note of Saffron, a heart of Smoke and Amber and a base of Resins and Black Musk.

The final two are sparkling & bright NEROLI which has top notes of Neroli and Orange Blossom, a heart of White Narcissus and woods with a base of Vetiver and Musk. This is lovely but has a slight powdery note which I'm not so keen on. THURIBLE (great name!) has top notes of Clove and Ash, a heart of Labdanum and Incense with a base of Leather and Ambergris.

I've loved trying them all and may have a wee purchase before 24 June (pick up a full size bottle for half price) (£24.75). See HERE.

Have you tried Rook Perfumes? If so, what are your favourites?

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