Friday, 9 March 2018

New in: Kingdom Scotland Perfumes

I had the real pleasure of meeting up with Kingdom Scotland's founder Imogen a couple of weeks ago for a coffee. It was really great to meet her and hear about her journey to creating three exquisite perfumes which "capture stories, experiences and dramatic contrasts at the heart of a land that enthrals the imagination".

The perfumes (EdP strength) are handcrafted in Edinburgh in limited releases using the finest ingredients with a high proportion of natural aromatic materials. The first collection are limited edition with over half already reserved. I like the fact that each bottle is numbered (it's the little things!)

There are 3 unisex perfumes in the collection which can be bought: 50ml EdP £95, 7.5ml Travel Vial £18 and 1.5ml tester £4. Imogen very kindly brought me along the travel vials* to test and review.

Prior to meeting Imogen I'd "decided" that METAMORPHIC was my favourite going by the notes within but after having tried all three it's difficult to say..

METAMORPHIC is inspired by Scotland's "metamorphic rock which is spectacularly woven into the landscape". With top notes of Black Pepper and Tobacco, a heart of Incense, Minerals and Rose Absolute with a base of Amber Resin and Leather. 

ALBAURA is "inspired by the Aura and ancient name of Scotland, Alba. The freshness of snow and ice blended with berries and botanicals. Independent of spirit, this is a bold and pure beauty". With top notes of Iced Botanicals, a heart of Arctic Poppy and a base of Atlas Cedar, Rock Moss and Ambergris.

PORTAL "A transporting herbaceous and woody scent - a gateway to the ancient Caledonian forests of Scotland. Invitingly fresh and outdoor - an escape to a sylvan wonderland". With top notes of Herbaceous botanicals and Bergamot, a Verdant Floral heart with a base of Vetiver and Scots Pine.

After trying the range for a few weeks I can't honestly say I have a favourite. I tend to pick and choose depending on my mood. It's National Fragrance Week so now's the perfect time to treat yourself to a Kingdom Scotland Perfume.



  1. I always like to read your blog as I'm always finding interesting brands I haven't heard of before to look into.

    1. These have just launched or are just about to so brand new!

  2. I’m so glad you hooked up with Imogen - I really love what she’s doing. So exciting to have a perfume house in Edinburgh