Friday, 22 December 2017

Saskia's Flower Essences

I've been trying two products* from Saskia's Flower Essences. The essences contain the vibrational energy from the plants they come from, carried as a message in water. It reminds you of your personal energy and how to be.

Flower essences can bring positive and effective change like unlocking your full potential, finding inner peace, rebalancing the body and mind, change long standing behaviour and thought patterns and become more aware of who you truly are.

The essences can be used straight from the bottle dropping a few drops under your tongue AM and PM. You can also add a dropperful to your bath as an effective way of using the essence.

Saskia sent me Calm & Confident (£10 - 30ml)* in a base of cider vinegar (rather than Organic Vodka) which can help with challenging situations like panic attacks, fear in new situations or if you are out of your comfort zone. The blend contains Walnut (protection during change), Buttercup (self confidence), Wild Garlic (universal support), Rock Rose (fear and panic) and Cherry Plum (calmness).

I've found the drops to help during moments of unease and stress. They are easy to take and I'd recommend.

The second item she send I absolutely love! My Personal Space Spray (£10 - 30ml) which is great to use if you work in an office, for people who are being bullied, coping in crowed space or for those with weak boundaries. I've found it really helps in the office!

The blend contains pure rosewater that Saskia has distilled herself along with the following essences - Yarrow (psychic protection, separation of self from others), Borage (for coping with all life throws at you in a calm way), Walnut (for protection from what others think of you), Nettle (for standing up for yourself and maintaining your boundaries), Buttercup (for increasing self confidence), Potentilla (for loving yourself just the way you are).

You can also pick up pretty Cards to InspireSingle Essences and Hydrosols.


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  1. I've always been intrigued by flower essences and if they work. Sounds like they do x