Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Hemptouch Skincare Review

I've been testing out some products* from Hemptouch, a skincare company which creates products for those with sensitive skins. Hemp cannabinoids with skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, hemp-flower hydrolate rich in powerful skin-enhancing antioxidants and raw hemp oil rich in omegas and amino acids are used in the formulation of products. The hemp seed oil is made by Hemptouch - they oversee the plants from sowing to harvest and cold press the oil in their own press. Buds from the cannabis resin are harvested by hand and processed via CO2 extraction and maceration. The products are natural there are no chemicals, perfumes, dyes or alcohol used.

The product I liked the best from the ones I tested is their Nurturing Face Cream (50ml - £24.90)* a soothing formula which is suitable for hypersenstive skin, prone to irritation and redness. It deeply nourishes and regenerates, strengthening and caring for stressed and troubled skin. Cold pressed raw hemp oil supports the skin's natural process for renewal and promotes skin resilience. Gentle rose and hemp flower extracts help to improve microcirculation leaving the complexion smooth and supple. Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture for long-term hydration.

The cream is suitable for - dry and dehydrated, mature, fine-pored, premature wrinkling, pale, redness, flaky, thin skinned, constantly reddened cheeks/nose, flaky, hypersensitive, prone to irritation and redness and stressed reactive skin.

To use: apply 1-2 pumps onto clean dry skin. Use AM and PM and it can also be used on dry areas on the body.

My skin has been loving the cream and the scent is slightly edible! I wasn't however keen on the Calming Face Cream as the scent was just too herbal for my tastes.

My husband has been testing out the Ointment for Irritated Skin (50ml - £19.90)* as he's got dry patches of irritated skin on the inside of his elbow. He's been finding it super soothing and it has helped to calm the inflamed skin.

The ointment helps those with very dry and flaky skin soothing irritated, reddened, itchy and hypersensitive skin. German chamomile, calendula and lavender restore and calm. The omegas 3 and 6 in organic hemp oil protects and moisturises.

It has a pleasant herbal green scent and can be applied to the skin when needed.

Ointment for Problem skin 5ml* is a "rescue remedy" when acute care is needed. You can pick up a sample pack, which contains trial sizes HERE.


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  1. This is a product I haven't come across! Looks good and the price is too!