Saturday, 23 December 2017

Blog Tour: The Girl I used to Know by Faith Hogan

Today I'm on the blog tour for Faith Hogan's fabulous new book The Girl I used to Know*. It's absolutely brilliant and one of my favourite reads of 2017.

"A beautiful, emotive and spell-binding story of two women who find friendship and second chances when they least expect it.

Amanda King and Tes Cuffe are strangers who share the same Georgian house, but their lives couldn't be more different.

Amanda seems to have it all, absolute perfection. She projects all the accoutrements of a lady who lunches. Sadly, the reality is a soulless home, an unfaithful husband and a very lonely heart. By comparision, in the basement flat, unwanted tenant Tess has spent a lifetime hiding and shutting her heart to love. 

It takes a bossy doctor, a handsome gardener, a push teenager and an abandoned cat to show these two woman that sometimes letting go is the first step to moving forward and new friendships can come from the most unlikely situations".

My thoughts?

Amanda King and Tess Cuffe may be neighbours but they despise each other. Amanda is married to Richard, a successful businessman, they have a gorgeous house, two teenage children and she is a lady who lunches. She gave up her career as an upcoming artist to settle down.

The only thing wrong with Amanda's life is Tess, the neighbour who won't move away despite the angry words and threats. They just hate each other. We learn Tess had her heart broken and has since led a lonely life never getting over the things that happened in the past. Her doctor and friend encourages her to start singing again and it really opens up her life.

For Amanda and Tess it's all about new starts, romance, new friendships and really living and enjoying life. The story is just the sweetest thing and I loved it. 

*complimentary copy from netgalley

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