Thursday, 28 December 2017

LOWTOXBOX - December 2017

WOW! The December LOWTOXBOX* is absolutely fantastic! It's absolutely stuffed full of gorgeous green beauty, edibles and lifestyle items all chosen with care. Month by month a UK subscription costs £22.50 including p&p and a one off box is £25 including p&p. I'm very, very tempted to sign up!

Founder, Lucy became interested in natural products when suffering from a skin complaint and sought out natural alternatives. After finding products which suited her skin she decided to compile a list of natural products she wanted to try - teas, snacks, toothpaste, sunscreen, beauty etc.

LOWTOXBOX was born in March 2017 and minimal packaging is used for each box (for further information about what's in the box you can find on the website) and for each box sold they'll plant a tree (WOW).

So without further ado here's what's inside December's box:

Emily Crisps Crunchy Red Apple 15g which are totally delicious! (I'll be seeking these out locally). Crispy and sweet they are a great snack at only 62 kcals. Real Handful Blood Orange & Dark Chocolate Fruit+Nut+Chocolate Mix 40g (less than 170 calories) also look yummy and I'm looking forward to trying!

I'd heard of I am By Nature but hadn't tried anything until now! Their Medhini Face Scrub is single use. You mix up the three pods which are inside the recycleable box (exciting!) 

I'll make sure to review this one when I get a chance to test it out.

Kabloom Cornflower Fairy Lights Seedbomb which contains a colourful mix of polka dot cornflowers which are great to brighten up dull spaces and the flowers are loved by bees! I think this is a great addition to the box and a brand I haven't heard of. (I'll be testing it out up at the allotment!)

Soapy Skin Holistic Lemongrass Soap 100g which is again a new to me brand. The soap smells uplifting and will energise and revive the skin. I'm a huge fan of bars of soap so looking forward to trying it. (review will follow)

And now I love everything about these treats! The packaging is absolutely exquisite and what's inside is delicious! Another new to me brand The Veda Soul Company who create everything with love, care and attention to detail. The ranges are 100% Vegan, 100% Organic and free from refined sugar. Inside December's LOWTOXBOX are their Awaken - Lemon & Ginger Oat Delights which are seriously yummy.

I've tried Help Me Organics before (and I loved the Room Spray I tried) so I'm happy to see a beautiful soy candle by the brand which has been made exclusively for LOWTOXBOX - "help me have a mindful of calm" which is scented with Frankincense, Geranium Bourbon and Lavender (and is lush!) Again, will review when I have the chance to burn it.

And the wonderfulness of the LOWTOXBOX keeps going on and on..

Next up we have Eco Glitter Fun exclusive LOWTOXBOX mix which is biodegradable glitter made from a certified biodegradable cellulose film which means once it has been used it will safely biodegrade causing no harm to Mother Earth. The sparkles come with a mini tin of aloe vera application gel (cute!)

From Bubbly Badger, a vegan bath bomb in Apple Pie & Custard which smells mouthwatering (large) and turns the water green and you'll smell the apples. As it dissolves further you'll be able to smell creamy custard. The bomb weighs over 180g and will fizz for up to 5 minutes - so looking forward to trying this out! (photos will follow for sure).

The final item this month is from Scottish brand Stoats which I'm already a fan of! Inside is their Apple & Cinnamon Porridge Oats Bar. Yum!

I think the December box is absolutely amazing. Sign up for January HERE.

*complimentary - thanks so much to LOWTOXBOX for a fabulous Christmas box.

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  1. This looks like a great box to try out more natural products.