Thursday, 14 December 2017

JOIK Advent Calendar: Days 8-14

Here's what I received in my JOIK Advent Calendar* days 8-14:

Day 8:

A scented sachet in Vanilla Noisette which has a rich vanilla scent with carmel notes (almost smells good enough to eat). Put it in your car, cupboards or drawer. I like the idea of getting slightly different things in a calendar (I'm looking forward to the upcoming candle!)

Day 9:

I absolutely adore Silky Facial Serum with Cranberry Seed Oil (we've got a 10ml rollerball in the calendar). My skin's really enjoying it - expect a full review soon.

Day 10:

This Luxurious Citrus Bath Milk 30gr unfortunately opened in transit and cast a fine powder over most items in the calendar (which is a shame). It would have been better if the little pot had a seal on it. Apart from that, it smells glorious and I'm looking forward to testing it out.

Day 11:

We got a 50ml Micellar Water on day 11 which I'm slightly on the fence about - I've tried it once so far and found it stung around my eye area. Will give it another try before passing it on.

Day 12:

This Citrus & Bergamot Body Butter 50ml isn't available at Love Lula. It smells gorgeous and I'm looking forward to using it. 

Day 13:

Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub 15ml is also a new try for me. Some of the other girls who also got the calendar have been raving about it - so I'm looking forward to trying. Again, a review will follow.

Day 14:

Today's pick was Juicy Apple Shower Foam 50ml which again I'm looking forward to using.

Full reviews will be forthcoming once I have the chance to test everything out. Did you pick up a JOIK Advent Calendar? (I noticed last night they've been reduced to £85.60 so if you fancy one I'd quick!)

*Love Lula Accredited Blogger points paid for part of the calendar. I added £57
**my post contains a few affiliate links

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