Wednesday, 27 December 2017

My Top Brands & Products of 2017

I've tried so many amazing products this year and I was going to try and do my top 17 but it's impossible. So here goes...

In January I tried Tropic Skincare's fabulous Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum** and totally fell in love! See my review HERE. Throughout the year I've tried some amazing products from the brand (every product I've tried I've loved!) I'm currently trying their out-of-this-world Whipped Body Velvet** which is just a delight and my dry winter skin is loving it! 

I also re-visited Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie and loved all of the products** I tried. See my review HERE.

Moving into February I discovered exquisite MAKE Skincare. Mary's products make my heart sing! I specifically loved her Face, Hands & Feet Gift Set II**. See my thoughts HERE

I also fell for Kiss the Moon's sumptuous LOVE Night Cream for Hands. See my review HERE. I also love their GLOW (and DREAM) Bedtime Bath Salts* see my review HERE.  

And I must mention the glorious Aster & Bay as their Rosewater Mist is just exquisite. See my review HERE.

Coming into March, I tried Antonia Burrell's fabulous Bright+Light Eye Cream** which is one of my favourite eye care products ever. See my review HERE. I also tried Silvan Skincare's Skin Therapy Face Oil** which my skin just loved. See my review HERE.

In April, I had the pleasure of trying DAFNA's Personal Skincare and totally fell for her gorgeous Recovery Cleanser**. See my review HERE

I also fell head over heels for Earth Mother Soul Sister's beautiful Organic Perfume Collection 1* (REVIEW).

Moving into to May I loved trying Love Lula's new EdP's called Walden. My favourite(s) are Two Eternities* and Castles in the Air. See my review of Two Eternities HERE

I also loved Awake Organic's Frankin-Sense Divine Face Care** see my review HERE and [M] Botanicals Rose Oud Candle** (REVIEW). 

Another little mention in May must go to the fabulous MOA for their wonderful Hello Sunshine Energising Body Oil (review) (I also love their new Dreamy Mineral Soak which I reviewed this month (review).

Coming into June I tried Bodhi & Birch's new blend of the fabulous Desert Rose Facial Oil** (review). I've also loved all of the other new launches this year and I'm excited to see what Elijah will create next year! I also tried Votary's Rose Maroc & Sandalwood Facial Oil which I loved. See my review HERE

In July, I couldn't get enough of Bliss Botanicals so gorgeous Vanilla Rose Soy Wax Melts. The scent is just incredible and I love them so. See my review HERE.  

Coming into August I loved Juno Skincare and their Joie Face Oil. See my review HERE.  I also love that they offer trial sizes (more companies should do this!)

I also fell for the beautiful Willowberry Natural Skincare see my review HERE.  

Lucky Cloud Botanical Skincare's Nourishing Cleansing Balm* totally stole my heart. See my review HERE. I must give a mention to Isla Apothecary as I just love their Neroli Body Oil* see my review HERE.

In September, I discovered Jane Scrivner and loved her Rose Gold Ultimate Facial Serum*. See my review HERE (I also love Skin Drink!) I'm currently testing out cult product Nourishing Cleanser** (expect a review soon).

I fell for the exquisite skincare by Zing Organics in September and loved their Eco Marine Algae Cleansing Mask (review). I also adore, adore, adore their Velveteen Facial Serum (review).

Moving into October Magical Tree's sumptuous Body Butters** stole my heart. See my review HERE

I also loved Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box which in my opinion is one of the best green beauty boxes out there. See my thought's on October's box HERE.  I also fell for Poppy's Natural Skincare Super Moisturising Organic Chia Seed Hand Butter (in the October box). See my review HERE.

A London trip meant stopping by Jo Loves and picking up a bottle of my favourite Pomelo fragrance. See my review HERE

I had the real pleasure of meeting Adriana, the founder of Ancienne Ambiance and love the new Tuberosa Tuberose  tealight candles** (link).

I also adored amazing Enchanted Plants which I discovered on Instagram quite randomly. I couldn't resist their Blossom Hydrating Facial Mist which is a beaut! See my review HERE.

In November, I tried Skin Elixir's exquisite Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser**. See my review HERE

I also loved the luxurious Wild Azur Skincare** see my review HERE.

NARLOA's Jasmine & Neroli Body Oil is beautiful. It absorbs instantly and leaves the skin feeling nourished and delicately scented (review). Organic House must also get a mention as I loved their Clean & Calm Hot Cloth Cleanser* (review). Also in November I enjoyed revisiting OV Naturals and loved their Lustrous Botanical Face Oil* from the Heart & Soul Collection (review).

And now this month my top picks are Esse Probiotic Skincare** (review) and ishga organic invigorating body oil** (mini review).

Do we share any favourites? What's been your favourite products this year?

*sent to me as part of the Love Lula Accredited Blogger Programme


  1. So many wonderful products here and so many that I haven't tried! I will definitely visit this post again in the future when I am in need of a new product and when I want to try something new.

  2. Great post Sandra!
    LOVE the packaging on the Make products.(will have to try) I love the Jane Scrivner face mist too.Fantastic to see the Skin Organics box get a good review too ..great post!

  3. Thanks for highlighting some brands that are totally new to me, so I will be checking some of them out in 2018.

  4. Fab post with so much gorgeousness. I was going to start listing the ones I want to try but i'd get RSI haha! A few are on my list too. You have such great taste! x