Saturday, 2 July 2016

Spring/Summer '16 Green Beauty Swap

Ria at Naturia Beauty organises a #GreenBeautySwap twice a year. This time I was paired up with Lynda at Wonderlusting. We had an email conversation to discuss likes and dislikes, set a budget and went shopping. Here's what Lynda picked for me:

I'm absolutely thrilled with everything (I especially like seeing new to me brands) and I've been wanting a Savon Stories soap for ages too!

And now for a closer look..

These are two new to me brands!

First up is the Oblepikha Hand Cream (in stunning packaging) from Natura Siberica which is really deeply moisturising and smells lovely. Expect a fuller review shortly.

Turbliss Bioactive Peat Toner is 100% Pure Peat Water which tones, refreshes and revitalises the skin. Looking forward to trying this one.

I'm excited to try Dermovia's Lace your Face Smoothing Peptides Facial Mask. Again something that's been on the radar but not got round to trying.

I've wanted to try a Savon Stories soap for ages. Lynda chose me No.10 Spinach with Lime and Ginger. It smells gorgeous. 

The innisfree Eco Flower Lip Tint in rose tint is great. It give the lips a light pop of rose/red toned colour. A great shade for me and another new brand (thanks Lynda).

Abel Organic Eau de Parfum (sample vial) is another new to me brand and being a perfume lover this was a great addition. It has salty notes with lime, peppermint and bergamot, vetiver and woods and was inspired by a mojito cocktail. Of course I now want a full size bottle!

Oh my, this Coconut & Chai Spice Bathtub Tea smells mouthwatering and good enough to eat as it smells just like a chai latte. It's from Living Naturally a fab brand I've recently tried. I'll be using this next time I have a soak in the bath.

There are three sachets from L'Erbolario (a brand I've tried before but not these products) - Iris Deodorant Cream and Shower Gel and 3 Rosa Body Cream, a SW Basics jar of Body Scrub and two interesting looking tea bags from Yswara.

I'm absolutely delighted with everything - thanks so much once again Lynda and thanks to Ria for organising the swap.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone who was taking part receives.


  1. I bet that Bathtub Tea smells incredible! Enjoy playing with your new products <3

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. It's amazing! It actually says "do not eat" on the pot ;) x