Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Veggie Growing - Update 5

My last veggie growing update was in August. You can see it here.  I've still, even now in October got loads of lettuce - it sure beats the bags of salad you get in the supermarket - it's just got a fresher taste and I love the different varieties I've been growing this year.

I'm hoping my herb bed will last the winter (at least the most hardy ones)  I've got Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Fennel and Lavender.  Next year I want to add some mint, oregano and chives.

I recently planted chard, rocket and fennel seeds - and have not had much success with them.  There are two bits of fennel and two of chard.  The rocket is beginning to come through though.

I picked the last of my beetroot on Sunday and a few courgettes.  I've planted some cabbages and baby turnips and may have some beans (if the frost doesn't get to them first).  I also sowed the wild flower seeds I got with my recent Love Lula order - so hopefully they will appear next Spring.

All in all, I've had a fairly successful first season of growing.  Here are pictures of some of the crops I've enjoyed.

I've also been growing some chillies on the kitchen windowsill. 

I'm now looking at what seeds I want to get for the next growing season.


  1. whoa! you have a bunch of veggies :) i love planting stuff too since my parents always do it.. it's really neat and i think that more people should do it!


  2. So many veggies! I'm sure they are all delicious!

    1. They were yummy, just working out what to grow next season x

  3. what a lovely garden, Sandra... you should really be proud of it!! :)
    The courgettes and lettuce are making me hungry now. xx