Monday, 14 May 2012

Detox thoughts

Following on from Friday's post here are my thoughts on detoxing.

  • I'm going to keep up the body brushing - it wakes up my skin and gets the circulation going.
  • Hot Water and Lemon - I loved drinking this first thing so going to add it into my morning routine.
  • Napiers Detox Formula is vile - I don't care if its doing me good I hate the taste of it.  I'll keep taking the milk thistle though.
  • I have re-discovered my love of porridge and it's just delicious with blueberries
  • I didn't miss bread and butter as much as I thought I would - ditto crisps and chocolate.
  • I really missed my Saturday night wine watching The Voice!
  • I have had the best few nights sleep in ages and I woke up feeling energised rather than still sleepy
  • I did miss my daily skinny latte.
  • My skin looks clearer just after three days.
I think doing the mini detox was interesting - I did feel a wee bit hungry at times but grabbed a piece of fruit, a fresh juice or some raw veggies rather than chocolate or crisps.  I did miss wine but found I can live without it.  I'm going try and be more aware of what I'm eating and whether I'm just eating because I'm bored rather than hungry.  I'd definitely do a mini detox again.