Thursday, 7 February 2019

Love Lula: Dr Hauschka Skincare Kit: Pure & Fine Collection

I've been testing out this fab Pure & Fine Skincare Kit* by Dr Hauschka which is a great try me or for holidays and fantastic value at £19. I received this set for free as a member of the Love Lula Accredited Blogger Program.

Inside the recyclable packaging are 6 trial sizes, which apart from the Clarifying Clay Mask should last a few weeks.

I've tried a few of these products before (when Love Lula was Amarya I received a Kit in September 2012 - see HERE). It was definitely nice to re-visit and to try a few new products.

Cleansing Cream 10ml - this is a mild cleanser which is formulated with sweet almond meal (gives it a gentle exfoliating action). It's suitable for all skin types and is really gentle. It'll exfoliate, balance and revitalise the skin. To use: moisten face, mix a small amount in your palm with a drop or two of water to form a paste. Press onto the skin rolling up and away in wave like motions starting in the centre of the forehead and working outwards. Repeat this action 2-3 times before rinsing.

I quite liked this cleansing cream (it's more of a treatment as you can't use it over the eye area). It does take a bit of practice to use it correctly, but once mastered the skin is left feeling clean, fresh and nourished.

Clarifying Toner 10ml - which regulates oily, combo skins and outbreaks. It'll soothe, tone, calm, refine pores, regulate oil and heal and has a herbal scent. To use: spritz onto the skin or apply with a cotton pad.

This is really nice to use (I've got an oily t-zone and am prone to congestion). It's one I'd buy full size.

Melissa Day Cream 5ml - which is perfect for combination skin types. It regulates oily patches while nourishing normal/dry patches. It'll reduce shine and redness, soothing and balancing while mattifying. To use: after cleansing and toning apply to face, neck and decollete with a gentle pressing motion.

I really enjoyed using this herbal scented cream which I found perfect for my combo skin. I'll buy this full size as it does exactly what it says it will.

Clarifying Steam Bath 10ml - which is perfect to use before one of the face masks to open pores, soften blackheads and clear the skin of impurities. To use: once or twice a week dilute 2tsp with 1pt water in a large bowl of steaming water. Place a towel over head and shoulders and steam the skin for 5-10 minutes.

It had been years since I'd steamed my face (probably in my teens). I really enjoyed it and will incorporate it into my skincare regime.

Revitalising Mask 5ml - which is a rich cream with a herbal scent. It'll even and tone leaving you with glowy and radiant skin. To use: apply a generous amount to cleansed & toned skin (can also be used around the eye area), neck and decollete. Leave 20 minutes and remove with a warmed damp cloth.

I loved both the masks and would buy them both full size.

Clarifying Clay Mask 10ml (sachet) - is absolutely fantastic! The medicinal clay will deeply cleanse and refine. It clarifies, minimising large pores and deeply cleaning the skin.  To use: once or twice a week blend 1-2 heaped tsps and mix with water or hydrosol to form a paste before smoothing onto the face and neck (avoiding eyes). It does dry hard and can be quite tingly (but this is normal). Remove after 3-5mins

My skin feels incredible, soft and smooth, less shiny and revitalised. Absolutely love.

Have you tried any of the products in this Dr Hauschka Kit?

*sent to me as part of the Love Lula Accredited Blogger Program. My post contains 2 affiliate links and my thoughts are genuine - I absolutely loved trying this skincare kit.


  1. I love these cute little sets its always smart that brands bring out these try before you buy sets

    Andrew James -

    1. I agree! These sets have been around for years and are great value.