Sunday, 13 August 2017

Willowberry Nutrient Boost Collection

I've been testing out the fabulous Willowberry Natural Skincare Nutrient Boost Collection* which has recently been launched by beauty expert, Jenni Retourne, who knows everything there is to know about beauty. I actually just about fell off my chair when I found out via Jane's review that Jenni was behind this beautiful new range!

The products really are gorgeous, very effective, smell amazing and are made with superfood Chia seed, Rosehip and Vitamin E and are scented with Rosewood & Geranium which is the perfect "spa" like scent. The range is made for normal to dry skin types (although being more combination myself I've found my skin has loved in particular the Cleansing Balm* and the Treatment Oil*).

Willowberry Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm (£27.95 - 100ml)* is a 100% natural balm which will lift all daily grime and make up easily and makes cleansing into a lovely ritual. It's a real treat for the skin and the senses (you'll see from the photo above how much I've been enjoying it!)

To use: massage the balm over dry skin before wetting your fingers and continuing to massage. Remove with a warm damp face cloth.

Willowberry Nutrient Boost Treatment Oil (£22.50 - 30ml)* is a light and easily absorbed oil which nourishes, repairs and regenerates the skin. It gives the skin an intensive boost of nourishing essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and vitamins which repair, moisturise and regenerate leaving the skin looking radiant and healthy (love).

To use: apply a few drops to the skin after cleansing massaging until fully absorbed. Follow with moisturiser if required.

Willowberry Nutrient Boost Day Cream (£24.50 - 60ml)* which absorbs easily, feels comfortable on the skin and gives a deep moisture boost. Skin feels deeply nourished and protected.

To use: Apply after the treatment oil both AM and PM.

You can buy the full 3 step collection with a free face cloth for £71.95 (instead of £74.95). See HERE for more information.

I've been enjoying using the collection and it's one of my favourite brands of 2017.  Have you tried Willowberry Natural Skincare yet?



  1. I am loving these too! They work particularly well together Xx

    1. They really do. Glad you are loving them too! x

  2. These sound great! Love the packging. Will definitely put on my to-try list. xxx - green beauty + lifestyle

    1. You really should. They are so nice and one of my favourite skincare ranges this year x