Wednesday, 7 June 2017

That Lame Company: Box of Lame

I've had a couple of #BoxOfLame(s) in the past (see HERE and HERE) and I've loved them. Founder, Chloe works full-time and blogs and runs That Lame Company in her spare time. The latest one which I pre-ordered arrived yesterday and it's stuffed full! You can however still order one.

I just love the painted leaf bunting - it's so pretty! Other things which catch my eye are the pretty coasters, clay dish post-it notes, pad, the A5 rose gold painted clipboard, the pencil, pins, pegs, wooden print stand, washi tape...

A5 and A6 prints and a card. I love "you are capable of amazing things", "prove them wrong" and "be kind, work hard & stay humble".

It's a fantastic selection of goodies. Did you pick up a #BoxOfLame?

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