Saturday, 3 June 2017

Bloom Perfumery Yearly Sample Pack: May 2017: Fragrant Travel

My May Bloom Perfumery Sample Pack arrived on Thursday and last month's picks were Fragrant Travel.

The theme for May is "fragrant travel and the pack is showcasing rare natural materials sometimes used only in one formula among the ranges we stock and which come from a very specific location (e.g. sausage tree extract, for instance) or a material which has become part of identity of a place".

Gaiac Wood & Paraguay:
The first one to jump right out at me was from favourite perfumer Carner Barcelona - Palo Santo EdP (50ml - £85, 1ml - £2) is a creamy lush woody blend with rich buttery notes. It has top notes of Indian davana and rum accord, a heart of warm milk, Paraguayan guaiac and Venezuelan tonka beans with a base of Moroccan cedarwood, vetyver from Haiti and Dominican Republic amyris. Simply adore & full size is going on the to buy list!

Rose de Mai & Provence:
The next one I couldn't wait to try was Dusita Melodie De L'Amour which has just landed (just my luck it's super expensive!) Extrait de Parfum (50ml - £250, 1ml - £5) and it's stunning! It has top notes of heady gardenia, honey and tuberose, a heart of broom, Indian jasmine, lily of the valley and peach with base notes of cedar and musk. Bloom Perfumery say "A towering sultry floral with a jasmine heart surrounded by myriads of white floral shades".

The third one I can honestly say I want to buy is New In: You or something Like you EdP (50ml - £82, 1ml - £2) by Etat Libre d'Orange is a mouthwatering fresh blend of molecules one might find in mint, shiso, violets and citruses but designed in a lab and not corresponding to any particular plant. It's light and fresh and perfect for summer. With notes of eucalyptus, green leaves, shiso, violet leaf, white mint, spearmint and garden mint. LOVE!

Pine & Canada:
From Imaginary Authors is Cape Heartache EdP (50ml - £90, 1ml - £2) "the formula has authentic raw material to take you to the quietude of a boreal forest". With notes of douglas fir, pine resin, western hemlock, vanilla leaf, strawberry, old growth and mountain fog.

Sausage Tree & Central Africa:
Naiviris by Huitième Art EdP (50ml - £88, 1ml - £2) which is woody and green. It has notes of red iris and zebrano wood. I'm not so keen on this one. 

Wild Vanilla & Mexico:
Anima Dulcis by Arquiste EdP (100ml - £135, 1ml £2) which is a powerful blend of wild vanilla, chilli and cloves. With top notes of sesame seed, cinnamon bark and oregano, a heart of clove bud, cumin, night blooming jasmine and chilli infusion with a base of Mexican vanilla, cocoa bean absolute and oriental-chypre accord.

What do you think of this month's choices?

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