Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Blog Tour: Nailing Jess by Triona Scully

Today I'm on the blog tour for Nailing Jess by Triona Scully (you can see everyone else taking part on the poster above).

"What would the world be like if Adam took the first bite"

"Welcome to Withering, a small town with a big problem in the north of modern, matriarchal Britain. Here the women wear the trousers, while the men hold the handbags. Literally.  

There's a serial strangler on the loose and the bodies of teenage boys are piling up on maverick DCI Jane Wayne's patch.

Wayne needs to catch 'The Withering Wringer', but it's not going to be easy. Demoted for her inappropriate behaviour, she must take orders from a man - and not just any man - an ugly menimist that refuses to shave.

Still, at least she can rely on her drug stash from a recent police raid to keep her sane..."

My thoughts?

It did take me a while to get used to women being in charge and men wearing lipstick and carrying handbags! The story is a very clever and a thought provoking read however with interesting characters and storylines.

There is a serial killer on the loose who is killing teenage boys. DCI Jane Wayne has been demoted again and is unhappily having to take orders from DI Ben Campbell, a single father who is struggling to make it in a woman's world.

Women take the top jobs, oggle the men, drink whisky and are very sexist while the men look after the house and the kids. I wasn't keen on the swearing used throughout the story but the book is definitely different and in my opinion worth a read. It's one which will stay with me a long time too which I think is always the sign of a good read!

Irish born Triona Scully lives in Edinburgh with her son Mikey. Nailing Jess is her first novel. She blogs at With many thanks to the author and Cranachan Publishing for a copy of the book.

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