Saturday, 17 June 2017

OKKO Skincare Try-Me Sizes

I've been wanting to try OKKO Skincare for ages but I'd just not got round to it. While browsing at Love Lula recently I discovered that you could pick up try-me sizes (4.5g - £3-£4) which are the size of a lip balm making them great try-mes or for holidays. There are 4 to choose from - see HERE.

My thoughts?

My favourite from the three I selected is the Natural Face Balm Stick Organic Clary Sage & Rose Geranium (£4) which apart from smelling incredible deeply nourishes the skin (this size of balm will last a two week holiday using twice a day). To use: glide over cleansed face and neck before massaging onto the skin.

Natural Foot Balm Stick with Organic Calendula and Eucalyptus (£3) which will last for 3-4 uses. Organic Calendula calms and soothes while Eucalyptus heals and refreshes. To use: rub over your feet massaging the balm in.

Natural Body Balm with Organic Frankincense & Lavender (£3) which leaves the skin deeply nourished. I got a couple of uses from this. This scent is nice but I'd have preferred it to be a bit stronger.  To use: massage into the skin.

I've really enjoyed using these and I'll be buying the Face Balm full size. Have you used any OKKO Skincare products?

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