Monday, 7 March 2016

Rather Lovely Organic Skincare

Fiona Wray, a Homeopath and Natural Health Practitioner recently contacted me to see if I'd like to try and review products from her Rather Lovely range. I'd first tried her Remedy Body Butters back in 2013 when I saw an advertisment in The Simple Things magazine.  See my review HERE.

Products are handmade in small batches using organic ingredients where possible. There are no parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colours or fragrances used. Some products may contain beeswax and there is no animal testing. I think the range is great value for money and the products "rather lovely".

The bath salts come in a recyclable glass bottle. I was sent Love Citrus Bath Salts (£10 - 250g)* which are made with natural sea salt and a blend of citrus essential oils. These make for a refreshing bath.

Love Lavender Organic Body Lotion (£16 - 100ml)* is packaged in a airless pump bottle. The lotion is scented with lavender and absorbs well onto the skin. I like to use this before bed for calming and restful sleep.

I'm a huge fan of Reed Diffusers so I was looking forward to trying out the Love Trees Reed Diffuser (£10 - 50ml)* which is made with pure essential oils with a vegetable base.  The oils used are Frankincense, Amber and Cedar. I have found that the scent is quite light and maybe not one I'd have personally chosen but being natural with no chemicals the scents are lighter than conventional diffusers. They are suitable to use around people who have respiratory issues.  

I'll definitely try one of the other scents available maybe Love Flowers or Love Spice as I do like the idea of a natural diffuser choice.

The final item I was sent is the Love Herbs Organic Candle (9cl - £6.50)* which is perfect to burn in the kitchen or outdoors as it blends a mixture of herbal essential oils with vegetable wax. This size burns for 25-30 hours.

The skincare scents: Love Purity (no scent), Love Citrus (lemony fresh), Love Herbal (English herbs), Love Lavender (relaxing) and Love Floral (floral). Soaps also come in Love Spice (cinammon, clove and orange) and you can buy a mixture of all the soaps.

Home Fragrance: Love Flowers (Geranium, Lavender & Ylang Ylang), Love Trees (Frankincense, Amber & Cedarwood), Love Herbs (Rosemary & Thyme) and Love Spice (Cinammon, Clove & Orange)

See the website HERE

*Complimentary - sent for review


  1. I love reading your blog as I get to find out about loads of small brands that I have never heard of. I have just checked out the website and the prices are very reasonable, so I will definitely be making an order when my spending ban ends.

    1. Thank you! Yes I agree the products are really lovely and affordable x

  2. The bath salts sound lovely. There is so much organic beauty to explore, so many boutique brands that get overshadowed by the marketing muscle of the major multinationals. This us another new brand on me. Thanks Sandra. Tx

    1. There are so many amazing brands like this out there! Hope you get to try them soon x

  3. The bath salts packaging is just gorgeous! The lavender body lotion sounds lovely and the candles are very impressively priced. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. Everything is really reasonable and rather lovely! x