Thursday, 31 March 2016

March Books

Here's what I've been reading in March:

Trust No One (Mike Lockyer #3) by Clare Donoghue* - DI Mike Lockyer and newly back at work DS Jane Bennett are called to investigate a murder.

A divorced father of two is found dead in his bed. At first it looks like he died in his sleep but on closer inspection he's been murdered. His family, ex-wife and friends are questioned and his life is dissected with no stone being left unturned.

Fast paced with lots of twists and turns. I thought I knew who the killer was but just didn't see that ending coming! Loved it.

A Long Walk Home by Judith Tebbutt - In September 2011 Judith and her husband David were holidaying in Kenya. Part of their trip took them to a remote beach resort south of Somalia.

They were attacked by a gang of pirates and Jude was taken by them by sea and land to a village in the heart of Somalia.  What follows is an account of Judith's 192 days she's kept hostage - she is isolated, intimidated and starved of food and kindness.  To keep herself sane she walks circuits around her cell everyday walking to freedom. Her son Ollie is trying to raise the ransom money the pirates have requested.  It's a very moving story and Jude is one brave lady.

The Cradle will Fall by Clare Donoghue - this is a short story giving background about the characters in the DI Lockyer series. PC Jane Bennett is just starting her career in the force. She keeps a level head on a particularly gruesome case and catches the eye of DI Lockyer. He needs people like her on his team. An interesting short read.

Fragile Cord (DS Coupland Book 1) by Emma Salisbury - the story is set in Salford. Detectives Kevin Coupland and Alex Moreton are investigating what appears to be a murder suicide.  

Devoted family man Ricky Wilson is stabbed following a night out.  Tracey Kavanagh has murdered her young son before taking her own life and that of her unborn child.  We find out that the two cases are connected. Fast paced with lots of twists and turns. Great read would recommend.

The Widow by Fiona Barton* - Jean Taylor has no worries. She lives in a nice house with a nice husband and works at the local hairdressers. Their only sorrow in life is that they were unable to have a family. Jean's life changes forever when her husband Glen is accused of abducting a child.

The story is told from different viewpoints - The Widow, The Reporter, The Detective and The Mother. Glen dies suddenly and Jean finds herself able to tell her own story.  

Unputdownable, I was forever trying to guess who was guilty and who was innocent. I was a little bit disappointed with the ending but an enjoyable read nonetheless.

Tuesday Falling by S Williams - Tuesday has suffered extreme cruelty and heartbreak at the hands of men so she's taken it upon herself to help others who like her, have suffered attacks by men.

She lives beneath the city in the forgotten tunnels of the underground.  She's connected to a brutal attack on gang members on the tube and DCI Loss investigates with his partner and sidekick, Stone. Loss is still suffering the tragic death of his daughter who was murdered three years ago.  Tuesday seems to be connected to her.  A dark and violent but compelling read.

Shtum by Jem Lester* - this is the story of Ben and his wife Emma and their severely autistic son Jonah. It is a gripping tale which inspires, has funny moments, is difficult to read at times, is heartwarming and full of love and despair.

Ben and Emma are finding it hard to cope with Jonah and decide to appeal the decision by the local authority of placing him in a special residential school which they believe is best suited to Jonah's needs.

They decide to split up to try and help their case and Jonah and Ben move in with his dad Georg. This in itself is difficult as the two men have never seen eye to eye. For Ben he goes the full circle, finding out who he is and discovering family history which explains a lot. 

When I wasn't reading the book I was thinking about it which is always the sign of a great read. One of my favourites this year. Highly recommend it.

The Silent Twin (Detective Jennifer Knight #3) by Caroline Mitchell* - Nine year old Abigail goes missing during a game of hide and seek with her twin Olivia. DC Jennifer Knight, from Operation Moonlight is drafted in to assist the family. Olivia has been mute since Abigail's disappearance.

The decaying, remote farmhouse is a place of secrets and ghosts. Abigail whispers to Jennifer pleading with her to find her. A fast paced story with lots of twists and turns and it keeps you guessing. I'd changed my mind several times throughout as to who had taken Abigail. A really brilliant read. The series keeps getting better and better. Highly recommend.

The Missing Hours by Emma Kavanagh* - Dr Selena Cole is in the nearby playpark with her daughters when she goes missing. Twenty hours later she's found with no recollection of where she's been.

A murder took place when she was missing and the police are trying to see if there's a connection.  The police team working on the investigation are brother and sister. I preferred Lee's chapters to that of her brother Finn.

We also learn more about the Cole family and their Kidnap & Ransom business with some chapters being case files. I found the book quite hard going at times (sadly, having loved Emma's previous books). There is however a twist at the end I didn't see coming.

What have you been reading this month?

*copies from Netgalley


  1. 5 of those books are on my to read list ha x

    1. ooh! Enjoy when you read them x

  2. Missed this at the end of last month. Quite a dark collection for March!

    1. I never thought of that! They are aren't they! Must try some more lighthearted reads in April x