Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Eco Naturals Online Store

I was recently sent a few products to review from Eco Natural Products, a natural and organic online store which was launched in 2012 (and one I hadn't heard of before) It stocks hard to find brands like Russian cosmetics, Marseille soap, Alum Stone and Syrian Aleppo Soaps.

Eco/recycled packaging is used and they try to re-use supplier materials to minimise their carbon footprint.

Here's what I was sent:

Dizao Organic Lip Balm - Chocolate & Shea Butter 4.25g - £2.69* - a delicious chocolate scented lip balm which super moisturises the lips.  A natural product which contains no chemicals, GMO, parabens, silicones, synthetic colours or fragrances.

My favourite item is Bania Agafia Hair Lotion 100ml - £3.49* - which is an intensive rinse out treatment which has a floral scent. It's great to bring shine and moisture back to dry hair. Apply to wet hair lengths leaving on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing.

The Syrian Aleppo Laurel Soap 50% (£7.90)* - is perhaps the most interesting item of the trio. It contains 50% laurel oil and 50% olive oil and for over 2,000 years the town of Aleppo has made the soap by hand using the traditional method, before being cut and stamped and left to dry for a period of 6-9 months.

A mild and gentle soap (with a scent I didn't love - it reminds me of carbolic soap!) it can be used on all the family and can be used on the hair and for shaving also.

I think the products are great value for money and there are a range of interesting things to buy in the shop.

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*complimentary - sent for review


  1. Oooh an eco shop I hadn't heard of! I am off to explore, thank you for introduction Xx

    1. Definitely worth a look! It was a new one for me x

  2. Replies
    1. It's really lovely and everything is really good value x