Thursday, 3 March 2016

Just out: All Through the Night (J T Ellington) by M P Wright

The e-book of All Through the Night (J T Ellington)* by M P Wright was published today. You can pick up your copy for a bargainous introductory price of 99p from Amazon.

Mark sent me a proof copy of the book a few months ago and here's my review:-

The story is set in the Spring of 1966. JT has recently moved his business to the office above his Cousin Vic's gym.

He's nursing a hangover after a night out with his cousin when Ida Stephens, Administrator at the Walter Wilkins Orphanage stops by to offer him a job in tracing a Dr Theodore Fowler. Dr Fowler has been in dispute with the orphanage over pay and has taken death certificates from the archive.  The orphanage need these back and will pay the doctor for their return no questions asked. She also wants JT to ask him “where we can find the truth”.  He finds this question strange but agrees to take on the job.

In this second part of the trilogy we find out more about JT and his friendship with his old neighbour Mrs Pearse. He's touched when she gives him a useful gift on his birthday. We also meet up again with ballsy Loretta, Uncle Gabe and Aunt Pearl.

JT arranges a meet with Dr Theodore Fowler which "reaps terrible consequences" for them both. He finds the certificates as well as something else he never expected to find in the storeroom. He also finds that there are people out there which will do whatever they can to get what belongs to them back.

Loretta, Carnell's widow, who will always look out for JT sends him to go and stay with her Uncle Benny & Aunt Estelle however Paxton, a Military Policeman is after what JT is safeguarding and will stop at nothing to get it back. 

An absolute roller-coaster of a read with lots of twists and turns and surprising moments with an ending I just didn't see coming.  A thrilling and memorable second novel and I highly recommend it.


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