Tuesday, 15 March 2016

February: A month of Samples: Perfumes: The Results

Back in February I decided to wear a different perfume each DAY and then report back as to which I'd buy full size.

Here are the keepers (14 in all):

Week 1:

2. 4160Tuesdays Sleep Knot EdP - this is a beautiful blend of jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang and black pepper.

5. Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel EdP - I own the very gorgeous Rose Silence by Miller Harris. This one is light with a hint of sea salt, flowers with vetivert, patchouli, oak moss and leather.

Week 2:

9. Ormonde Jayne Sampaquita EdP - I used to wear Ormonde Jayne Frangipani, a beautiful tropical floral scent. Sampaquita is also floral with notes of lychee, bergamot, grass oil and magnolia flowers. Going to pick up the Discovery Set soon.

10. .vero.profumo Rozy EdP - this came in my October Bloom Perfumery Subscription and has notes of honey, damask rose, passionfruit, lilac, peach, honey and sandalwood. It really is lovely.

Week 3:

15. Phaedon Oriban EdT - another one from Bloom Perfumery which came in my December pack. It is quite woody with ambroxan, incense, musk and sandalwood.

17. Le Labo Rose 31 - I adore their Tubereuse 40 (New York) which is hard to find. The Rose 31 is based on Grasse roses with woody notes of cedar, cumin and amber. You can pick this one up at Liberty.

18. 4160Tuesdays Dirty Honey EdP (not in pic have mislaid) - which is a sexy scent with honey and orange blossom.

19. 4160Tuesdays Who Knew EdP (not in pic) - this is beautiful. A heady scent of deep rose, green tea and a splash of smokey Lapsang souchong.

20. Agonist Vanilla Marble EdP - this came in my The Perfume Society Scent with Love Box and is an edible vanilla...so lush. With top notes of vanilla, almond and tiare flowers, a heart of orchid, white fig, amber and patchouli  with a base of sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean and benzoin.

Week 4:

22. Carner Cuirs EdP (not in pic) - in November Bloom Perfumery mixed up the sample packs and the girls got the one for the boys. This scent by Carner was my favourite in November. It has notes of saffron, gaiac wood, sandalwood, Texas cedar, violet, Amyris wood, oud, patchouli, leather, musk, tonka bean, cistus and nagarmotha.  I also love Tardes by Carner - see my review HERE.

23. Robert Piguet Fracas EdP - a cult classic and a love or hate scent. A heady scent with notes of tuberose, jasmine, jonquil, gardenia, Bulgarian roses, orange flower, sandalwood vetivert and musk. This is an evening time scent for me.

24. L'Artisan Mure et Musc EdT - this was the first perfume I tried from L'Artisan and remains my favourite to this day. A luscious blackberry scent with hints of musk and fruits.

27. 4160Tuesdays Doe in the Snow EdP - a fresh peachy floral with woods. Full size of this is my next buy.

28. PG 15 Ilang Ivohibe - another from Bloom Perfumery subscription. I received this in my first sample pack. It has top notes of lavender and vanilla, a heart of Egyptian jasmine, iris butter, orange and ylang ylang with a base of patchouli.

Do you wear any of these perfumes?


  1. Wow, that is a lot of perfume! What a clever idea for a blog post. I tend to stick to my 6 or 7 favourites and rotate. I'm a bit predictable when it comes to scents, going for a lot of classics, though I do so love The Library of Fragrance Gin & Tonic, and the Escentric Molecules pheromone range as well. Tx

    1. Thanks. I've got absolutely tons of perfume samples from my Bloom Perfumery sub, the 4160Tuesdays Advent Calendar, Perfume Society boxes plus random ones I pick up and buy (as well a a ton of FS ones) Love EM 01 x