Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Book Review - Forgive Me by Lesley Pearse

Lovereading were recently looking for people to review Forgive Me by Lesley Pearse.  I was lucky enough to receive a proof copy and my review is below.  The book will be available to buy from 14 February 2013 from Lovereading and bookshops.  You can follow lovereading on Twitter @lovereadinguk 

Forgive Me opens in Cheltenham on 26 March 1991.  The main character is Eva, daughter of Flora and Andrew Patterson.  Eva returns home from work to find her mother has committed suicide and has left a note saying ‘forgive me’.

Eva finds out she has inherited her mother’s studio in London, she didn’t even know her mother was an artist.  Life at home becomes unbearable and confusing and after the funeral she moves out. She ends up in London at the studio where she finds some of her mother’s paintings, baby clothes, diaries, a sketch of a cottage and a photo of a row of shops.

She meets with Patrick O'Donnell an old boyfriend of her mother’s and her search to find out more about her mother and herself leads her to Scotland and Carlisle.  In Scotland she meets with a psychic who warns her of the ‘sleeping serpent’ – disturb it at your peril for once its secrets are uncovered they will not be contained.

Eva finds out a lot about herself, her strengths and weaknesses and who she can rely on.  Phil, the builder who she met when she first moved to London becomes someone important in her life.

The story includes crime, violence, unhappiness, heartache, love and friendship and hope.  By the end Eva knows who she is and is happy and content with her life and those in it. A really great read with twists and turns which leaves you guessing.  Another fabulous book from Lesley Pearse.

*complimentary proof copy


  1. This books sounds like something I'd like! xo

  2. That sounds very interesting and a little similar to Notes from an exhibition by Patrick Gale which I really enjoyed. Wow! reviewing books, that is something fab to do!

    1. oh I'll check that out (after spending ban!). I know! I was really pleased! I think I initially followed on twitter and they got in touch by email x

  3. This sounds like my type of book, thanks will be seeing if I can download it to ox