Sunday, 24 June 2012

June Favourites

These are my June favourites:

I am still loving the Giorgio Armani Lipstick as featured in last month's favourites.  It's just such a wearable shade.

Clarins Eau Ressourcante Silky Smooth Body Cream - this is scented with sarsparilla, hibiscus, basil, iris and cedarwood.  It is said to helps promote wellbeing and relaxation.  A light textured cream which leaves your skin delicately scented.  Quite expensive at £28 for 200ml but tub will last ages.

A'kin 24hr Intensive Moisture Leave-in Conditioner - normal, dry and textured hair.  I picked this up at Naturisimo after reading Evelyn's review.  Made in Australia and it is free from sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals etc.  An absolute bargain at £8.40 delivered for 150ml.  Use on wet or dry hair - great for taming static/frizzy hair.

TAAJ Eau Micellaire de L'Himalaya Purifying & Revitalising Make Up Remover - got this in Joliebox.  Free from parabens and has a lemon scent.  Great at removing make up before cleansing.

Chanel Sycomore EDT - one of my favourite scents - you can read my review here.

What products have you been reaching for all month?


  1. The Clarins sounds lovely! Will definitely be having the A'kin in my favs too xx

    1. I'd recommend it, the A'kin is amazing! x

  2. I really wanted to like Taaj cleanser but it stung my eyes, unfortunately. :( x

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  4. my fave perfume now is Coco Mademoiselle <3
    That makeup remover looks great because it's paraben free! i want to suscribe to Joliebox, but i just suscribed to Glossybox. If it turns out good i'll suscribe!
    Great faves love! x

    your newest follower:

    1. :) I sub to joliebox and amarya and get latest in beauty too. Thanks for following - following back :) x