Thursday, 13 April 2017

Therapie Inner Light Rescue Essentials

As you'll probably know I'm a huge fan of Therapie's Himalayan Detox Salts (REVIEW) and I always have them in my stash. I've been testing out two products from Inner Light range which you can see HERE.

The products are packaged in black velvet pouches and come with information cards.

Inner Light Energy Lift (5ml - £38)* this rollerball of magic will re-energise and awaken a tired mind (great for mid afternoon slump) which is made with an exquisite blend of essential oils which restore, awaken and recharge. The formulation is infused with high frequency haematite crystal which offers "adrenal support to recalibrate hormonal and nervous energy for greater balance and clarity". 

To use: apply a small amount to palms, rubbing together to activate the fragrant atoms. Cup over the nose and inhale breathing deeply for a quick energy boost. You can also apply to pulse points (wrists, breastbone, base and crown of skull, soles of feet and thymus, located in the chest four fingers down from the collarbone).

Sweet basil refreshes the mind while naiouli helps with emotional fatigue, shock and tension. Lemon aids recovery from tiredness, rosemary supports inner strength and helps to break apathy while wild rose soothes and helps with depression. Silver Fir balances and helps with focus while Holy basil helps to reduce stress and anxiety and wild mint help you to snap out of an emotional or mental perspective.

I've found it great for giving me an energy boost in the afternoon and it also helps me to feel more motivated.

The second item from the new range I've been trying is Inner Light Calm Balm (15g - £38)* which is a beautiful intoxicating fragrant balm which instantly calms and soothes the mind.  Anxiety and worry is gone and everything is calm and relaxed. 

To use: apply a small amount to the palms, rub together and cup over the nose. Breathe in and relax.  You can also apply to your pulse points - wrists, centre of chest, behind ear, back of neck. Reapply regularly for a dose of inner peace and calm.

Bergamot calms, lavender rids you of stuck emotions, frankincense protects and relaxes, sandalwood grounds, neroli soothes anxious-ness, bay is a cozy comfort, petitgrane helps with inner serenity and calmness, fragonia reduces anxiety, sweet marjoram calms and vetiver soothes the mind.

It's a beautiful blend which soothes and calms but also smells great!

I've been really impressed with the duo - they really work! See the range HERE.


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