Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Daughter of the Soil: The Onyang Collection - Shea Body Butter White Mulberry

I've been trying Shea Body Butter with White Mulberry from newish brand Daughter of the Soil (£39 - 200ml)*.

Maria Magembe, the CEO of Daughter of the Soil's great-grandmother Onyang was a strong and influential woman in her community and the brand is motivated by women backing women as well as using natural ingredients and recipes from Africa.

Connecting the DOTS is a training program for women in agriculture and Daughter of the Soil's goal is to have 10m DOTS certified women farmers in Africa by 2025. This will also help to raise the standard of living and protect the incomes of women.

Shea Body Butter with White Mulberry* is a rich and creamy butter which deeply nourishes the skin leaving it delicately scented and moisturised. The Shea Butter native to Africa is high in fatty acids and Vitamins. The butter is great for dry skin types but suitable for all. You can also buy an unscented version.

It's a beautiful brand and I also love that it gives something back. Pick yours up HERE.

*complimentary - sent for review


  1. I've got this brand on my African inspired ones to check out! Great that they're investing back in female farmers x

    1. I think you'd love it. Yeah I love a company that gives something back. x