Saturday, 29 April 2017

Bloom Perfumery: Yearly Sample Pack April 2017: Violets

I was very happy indeed to receive my Bloom Perfumery sample pack for April. (I loved last month's Green scents and February's Vanilla picks). This month's theme is violets.

Bloom Perfumery are "showcasing the use of violet leaf absolute, a natural material derived from the plant, as well as violet flower aroma interpretations: from bon-bon candied petals to aroma derived through the 18th century enfleurage technique".

There is one perfume we've had before in the pack from last June - Bendelirious EdP (50ml - £82) (violet leaf absolute) from Etat Libre d'Orange where two roots (iris and violet) are used to create the sweetest of leathers. With notes of champagne, cherry, cherry lollipop, grapefruit, iris absolu, iris butter, leather, musk, tonka beans, vetiver and violet leaf absolute.

I simply love the very gorgeous Violet Disguise EdP from Imaginary Authors (50ml - £90, 1ml - £2) (bon-bon violet flower interpretation) which is the scent of "violet flowers aroma as we know it from candied purple sweets and violet petal jam". "This is a versatile fragrance which will remind you of the simpler joys in life". With notes of plum, violet, dried fruits, balsam and amber.

From Zoologist there is Nightingale EdP (60ml - £135, 1ml - £3) (violets bouquet aroma) a "subtle linear floral beading sweet flowers one by one: violets, plum blossom and rose and stitching them onto a sensual sandalwood-ambegis canvas". With top notes of bergamot, lemon and saffron, a heart of japanese plum blossom, red rose and violet with a base of oud, patchouli, sandalwood, moss, frankincense, white musk, labdanum and ambergris.

Aleksandr EdP by Arquiste EdP (100ml - £135, 1ml - £2) (violet leaf absolute) "a witty reference to 19th century formula when dandies would use violet water to moisturize the skin. Violet leaf absolute smells green, leathery and a touch earthy on its own but in a formula can provide a perfect lasting deep background for lighter notes". With top notes of neroli, aldehydes, iced vodka accord and birch leaves, a heart of violet leaf, orris, cognac and leather with a base of fir balsam, birch tar, moss and animalic musk accord.

Sideshow by Gri Gri is New In EdP (can't see it online right now) and the "perfumes are inspired by some tattoo technique. Sideshow is based on the 'old-shool' anchors and mermaids, romantic, colourful and a bit kitch". The initial scent is surprisingly bubblegum (really!) with a heart of cotton candy and candy apple. Base notes are hyraceum, tolu balsam and leather.

The final scent this month is Queen of Spades by Brocard EdP (100ml - £21, 50ml - £17.50, 1ml - £2) (violet petals jam aroma) "sweet like violet petals jam, the fragrance has a plump floral core of magnolia, jasmin, lily-of-the-valley, violet and orchid" along with musk and woods.

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