Monday, 17 April 2017

Pukka Clean Me Green Organic Wellbeing Kit

I've been testing out Pukka's Clean Me Green Organic Wellbeing Kit (£19.99)* which is the perfect kit to use for a detox in January or like me in springtime.

The kit is packed in a sturdy cardboard box which is perfect to re-use for more products or to store teabags afterwards.

Inside is:

  • A booklet telling you everything you need to know about your 14 day wellbeing programme along with handy hints and tips
  • 14 sachets of Clean Greens Superblend powder
  • Clean Matcha Green Tea/Detox Herbal Tea
It is suggested that when on the programme to eat light organic meals, drink plenty of water and avoid strenuous exercise. Going for a massage is also recommended.

I initially found the Clean Greens Superblend Powder quite powerful so started off taking less in my morning smoothie and building my intake up over the 14 days. It's a blend of 11 super-rich green foods including nettle, kale sprouts, wheatgrass juice, vegetables, seed sprouts, seagreens, freshwater plants and digestive herbs. 

From the tea duo I absolutely loved the suggested morning blend Clean Matcha Green Tea, so much so I've gone on to re-purchase. It's a refreshing blend which tastes delicious. 

I was less keen on Detox Herbal Tea which had quite a strong and spicy taste. It contains sweet aniseed, fennel, cardamon and licorice root which gives your body the fresh start it needs.

It's a great kit and one I'd definitely use again. Probably next January!

*complimentary - sent for review


  1. It's funny I really like the strong taste of the detox tea!

    1. I've got a friend who adores it also!