Saturday, 13 February 2016

Love Me Beauty Box - February

After last month's fabulous box I kept my subscription for Love Me Beauty for February. There weren't any new choices for me but there were still things available I was happy to have in my stash. 

Here's what I chose:

I'm a huge fan of the lovely Eye of Horus Eye Liners so I picked up a shade in Bronze Amulet, a sparkly brown which normally costs around £15 (the box is £13.95 including P&P)

I love Therapie so was happy to pick up another Boost Hair & Body Wash 50ml (worth £10) and the gorgeous Restore Aura Spray 30ml (worth £10).

My final item is a mini 15ml of Omnisens Delice Passion Massage Oil (you can buy this range at Love Lula). It has a mouthwatering sweet coconut scent.

Did you pick up a Love Me Beauty box this month?


  1. Wow this is a good box, they have really stepped up their game!

    1. Last month's was even better! I got a full size bottle of Moa's Fortifying Green Bath Potion worth £27.50 and they had more Therapie choices x

  2. The box is a really good price, I had it in my head that it was more expensive. xx

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    1. There is also deals about. There was one for first box for £1. Last month I got the box for £4.95. x