Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Blue Labelle: Rhassoul Lava Clay Powder

I recently treated myself to Blue Labelle's latest launch - Rhassoul Lava Clay Powder with spoon and bamboo brush. I picked it up on special offer but it currently costs a reasonable £19.

The Rhassoul Lava Clay Powder (200g) is hand dug from caves at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It has a superior mineral content with magnesium and silica which are great for glowing and healthy skin. You can use the mud as a face scrub, a mask and to clean body and hair. 

To use: using the spoon add one flat scoop of clay powder to a ceramic bowl. Place on top 1.5 spoon of water, covering the powder. Leave to activate for five minutes. On your return the clay should have a consistency of a thick mousse.

Mask: steam face and then apply the activated paste to your skin using the bamboo brush (this is a real luxe treat!) in a thick layer. It should feel cooling and refreshing. Sit back and relax. When you feel the mask beginning to dry remove with warm water and a cloth and follow with a facial oil to seal in the benefits of the treatment. You can also use a floral hydrosol instead of water when making the paste. A few drops of a facial oil can also be added. I did take a pic but I looked too awful for words!

Face Scrub: apply the activated clay paste with the brush or your fingers and massage gently over the face and neck (avoiding eye area). This will slough off dead skin cells and draw out toxins leaving the skin radiant and renewed. Remove with warm water.

Hair Wash/Mask: make a thinner paste and apply to damp hair massaging for a few minutes before combing through and rinsing.  The clay absorbs dirt and oil from the hair while replenishing it with minerals.

Spot Treatment: dab a little activated clay to your spot to draw out toxins and heal.

A 200g jar should make 40 face masks.  A treatment will take around 30 minutes.  I've been really impressed with the performance of the clay powder and love that it's multi-purpose.

What's your favourite face mask?


  1. This sounds amazing Sandra. A bit faffy 😉 but worth it. I love multi-purpose products, so handy for travel. Those minerals and such a great price too! Txx

    1. You got it in one! It is faffy...but worth it. It's definitely going to be a weekly treat for me as my skin looks amazing afterwards x

  2. This sounds fab, I love mixing up my own face masks! :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. It's really amazing. Highly recommend it x