Monday, 30 November 2015

November Books

Here's what I've been reading in November:

The Special Dead (Rhona MacLeod 10) by Lin Anderson - Mark Howitt meets Leila at the pub and goes back to her flat with her. The next morning he stumbles upon a room of hanging Barbie dolls in 3 rows of nine and Leila dead. He is unsure whether he killed her or not.

Forensic expert, Rhona Macleod who is investigating the scene discovers that the cord used to hang Leila is a cingulum, a Wiccan artifact used in sex magick. She also uncovers a link to nine powerful men.  It looks likely that other witches will be targeted.  The race is on with DS McNab to prevent any more deaths and uncover a killer.  Leila's friends and fellow witches have access to a special collection housed at Glasgow University which seems linked to the nine men. My favourite Rhona MacLeod novel to date.

What Happens at Christmas by T A Williams - I simply loved this heart warming tale by T A Williams - an author I'm now fortunate I've come across. An easy reading tale with characters I simply fell in love with. Can't wait to read more by this author.

Career girl Holly finds out her estranged father has died and left her his cottage in Devon. She also discovers that she has been left a dog, Stirling as well as a pot of money.

She learns about her dad from her new neighbours as well as Justin, the posh bloke, Howard a really lovely older man and her sexy next door neighbour Jack. Stirling, is an absolute darling who she falls in love with pretty quickly (I did too!) She also finds some things in her dad's cottage which bring her closer to him. The story has a great ending. I just love it

The Kray Brothers: The Image Shattered by Craig Cabell* - A detailed account of the lives and crimes of Ronnie & Reggie Kray which I found interesting. The author has researched public records and spoken to members of the Krays inner circle which I found fascinating. He also gives detailed accounts of the murders of Jack "The Hat" McVitie and George Cornell as well as the court case when the Krays found themselves going down for 30 years. Would recommend.

After the Fire by Jane Casey (Maeve Kerrigan #6)* - I simply loved this unputdownable and fast paced read. There is a fire in a North London tower block and two bodies are found in a locked flat. Maeve and her team discover a controversial MP who it looks like has jumped to his death. What was he doing at the run down estate? We find out more about the residents of the 11th floor and their secrets...

Written in the Scars (The Estate Series #4) by Mel Sherrat** - Having loved all of the books in the Estate series I couldn't wait to read this. Thanks very much Mel for sending me a copy.

The story revolves around Donna, Donna's mum Mary and her kids Sam and Keera along with Lewis and Megan. Donna is a single mum to her grown up kids. She's always worrying about them. Her mum has dementia and Donna feels she's always on the go - at work, visiting her mum and running around making sure the kids are ok.  When a chance of love appears she grabs it with both hands even though she feels its too good to be true.

Lewis is back home living with his mum following the breakdown of his relationship. He has PTSS from his time in the army and is cut up about loosing his dad suddenly. Opening up to Josie, the housing officer helps him to move on.

Megan works at the hospital and meets Sam when he is there for an operation on his hand. They like each other but Megan is scared to get involved because of her scars. There is a massive twist I didn't see coming which left me gasping. A really great read.

A Cold Killing by Anna Smith - Rosie, a crime reporter returns from hiding out in Bosnia and gets involved in reporting about the execution of a retired Glasgow University lecturer in a cafe in London.

There is a witness who quickly left the scene who Rosie is trying to trace. She also finds there are connections to the Ministry of Defence and MI6 and the race is on to solve the case before Rosie is killed. Fast paced and enjoyable would recommend.

What have you been reading this month?

*copy from Netgalley
**copy from author


  1. The Special Dead and the book on the Kray brothers sound interesting! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. Highly recommend both the book by Lin Anderson (The Special Dead) is part of a series but could be read alone although some of the same characters are in all the books. x