Wednesday, 11 November 2015

MonCornerB: Naturience Beauty SOS Purete Cleansing Pore Brush & The Instant Matt Roll on

I was contacted by leading French online store MonCornerB who asked if I'd like to try a couple of products loved by French women - of course I jumped at the chance and I've got to say I've loved trying out both of the products I was sent.

Naturience Purete Deep Cleansing Pore Brush* (21.90 euros - approx £15.53) this little brush has 310,000 fine fibres which are 0.045mm thick. It is a super gentle brush which is a real pleasure to use. I've been using it in my morning shower with a gel cleanser. It helps to purifies pores, purge blackheads and helps to minimise excess sebum. 

It leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and radiant. As it's so gentle it is suitable for all skin types and will help with absorption of face creams and oils.

The second item I've been testing out is Naturience Instant Mat Roll-on* (9.90 euros - approx £7) which is fantastic for mattifying the shiny T-zone. Made from Volcanic Stone which is 100% natural the roller instantly absorbs oil leaving the skin looking shine free. It is also re-useable.

I've loved trying both of these products and I'd say they are a very welcome addition to any British woman's skincare regime.

*PR samples


  1. Excellent choice with these 2 products :-). Not too familiar with Naturience...x

  2. Not seen anything like the Naturience Instant Mat Roll-on before. Such a good price. I can see something mechanical like that working really well on the T-zone shine. Reusable too :) Tx

  3. What interesting products. I haven't come across anything like this before.

    1. Me neither I think you'd love them both Karen x

  4. I loved both of these, the roll on is genius! Xx