Saturday, 14 November 2015

de Mamiel Autumn Seasonal Facial Oil

I've been using the de Mamiel Autumn Seasonal Face Oil for a few weeks now (use from the Autumn Equinox on 23 September). I didn't initially love it as much as Spring and Summer but over time I've found I love it as much.

The facial oil comes exquisitely packaged and I love that there is always a little quote attached.

Autumn is for grounding strengthening and reassuring. A powerful infusion of plant oils, flower essences and essential oils which decongest and calm post summer skin as well as repairing and nourishing.

Baobab, Amaranth and Echium helps the skin with wintery days and central heating while Jasmine Sambac is for confidence and optimism, Grapefruit, Green Mandarin and Lemon focus and uplift.

Sandalwood revives while Patchouli grounds emotions, Geranium Bourbon balances and "flower essences work through the body's acupuncture meridians to create positive effects on our state of mind".

To use: apply AM/PM after cleansing. Warm 4 drops in palms before cupping around your nose and inhaling for a count of 3 before exhaling for 4.  Massage upwards into the face until absorbed. 

The ingredients of this special oil (30 oils and extracts) are chosen with care just weeks before it is available to buy to ensure the most effective and therapeutic blend.

It leaves the skin looking glowy, regenerated, brightened and renewed. Roll on Winter! Have you used any of the Seasonal Facial Oils?

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